Mascara for eyebrows Maybelline Brow Drama dark brown

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Hooray, now I have a fashionable eyebrow!

Mascara for eyebrows Maybelline Brow Drama

Start with more General things. First, in my opinion, it’s still a color gel, not mascara. Frankly, the border between these concepts are very difficult, so everyone calls as he wants. But I am more used to the word “gel”.

Secondly, this tool is not for everyone. It is perfect for those who are completely satisfied with the shape of the eyebrows. The maximum that it can is, of course, to fix the eyebrow and tint the hairs.

In other cases, the gel will be only an auxiliary, but not an independent stage in eye makeup. This method of application I you and show.

The packaging is quite ordinary and unremarkable. Even say nothing about it.

From this volume (7,6 ml) and hue. I chose, perhaps, the darkest — Dark Brown. In stock in the store, I counted 3 different colors.

Brush of medium size that is actually very correct. Before that I had gel Catrice brush which in size is not inferior to that usually have mascara. This part of the gel often gets on the skin above the eyebrow, which of course was not very nice.

I tried very hard, but beautiful Swatch do not work.

Here this shade of the gel is: pretty dark brunette will do.

Have restorefile (if I may say so) with the brush. I liked that due to the thin lines create an imitation of hair. However, I this effect cannot achieve.

Clean canvas looks like the following:

Apply the gel/ink/whatever you want to call and combed the hair up, creating the now popular effect natural shaggy eyebrows. Visually, the eyebrow becomes wider and bigger.

In addition, additionally attempted to paint over a gel base eyebrows, but in the photo, the pigment Also tried to paint over a gel base eyebrows, but the photo shows that the pigment is distributed unevenly.

As I said, for me the gel is not a standalone tool. The makeup is unfinished, so I always make additional eyebrow pencil or lipstick. I usually do this before applying the gel, but this time did after. After all the manipulations are recorded, the hairs were still in place.

So I like more:

The tactile gel like hairspray: eyebrow after it becomes perfectly rigid. Works, in fact, to the death, but over time, the hairs do start to gradually return to their usual position.

I liked that he never lightens my eyebrows, as did some other gels. And in General I am pleased to use it. I advise to pay attention on this gel.

Price: 350 — 400 roubles

Rating: 5

Sincerely, Maria

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