Mascara L’oreal Extatic Paradise in black shade

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Due to some reasons of cosmetics lately, I have many. Well, when gifts are good, and sometimes not (who are colleagues, not “rejoice” at the festival some Velvet handles worse cream not find). You never really know.

Mascara in the box with the information and composition. Promises of longer, voluminous and wide-open lashes. Separate Liwa packing of castor oil in the composition.

I sat tight on hulks of l’oreal, in my student days — Telescopic bought no less than 10 times, the Architect was still some to sample.

The bottle is small, matte, tactile. A small amount of 6.4 ml (I remember the days when carcasses were 10-12 ml as the norm).

Brush the most common, not even silicone (silicone usually give the longest and bright lashes), Tapering to the end, in the middle a small notch. Just video ranolazine silicone would be more comfortable and accustomed to me personally. But that is. The tip is always going to have a lot of mascara, but I wipe the excess on the edge or, more often, on a napkin.

Color — black classic. Without bias in gray, but without much saturation. Just black. Easiest, way.

When applying on the lashes stain the eyelid like any other mascara. Mine is hard. Without cotton swabs I for ink not taken. Apply immediately and intensely. Paint over the eyelashes of one eye on all sides, then paint over a second while the first dries. Then the second layer — wear is always two, like any mascara (there are the only ones who three is not enough to show the world lashes, but with them I quickly leave once, in the morning time is very valuable). The mascara is surprisingly good combing eyelashes (my spoiled at the time by building rompope master and grow now “a pile”), not cliplive them in one lump and not have to get a comb.


Surprisingly, the ink does not spread black spots on my eyelids as it does 65% of the carcass and not even showered in the evening. I wear mascara from 6.30 to 23.30 and during this time it is not irritating to the eye (the lens, such a thing…) and does not cause discomfort. In ordinary life I am very attached to proven tools (buying years the Le Volume mascara and eyeliner Liquid Ink, until it was removed), but the last time the ink was dissatisfied blurred more than usual, so the emergence of something new I met with enthusiasm. Well, that new mascara is not let down. Wear somewhere a week and a half. Mascara will experience a mild humidity and tears, if they are not 3 stream. The mascara holds its shape — in the evening they do not stick together in a clump, as is the case with some.

Bottom lashes I just do not specifically stain — they have enough of that gets when applied on top. Makeup removal in the evening is performed without any problems (I have three different means of Cleon Anti-age and micellar oil Garnier). Do have to admit that mascara is not bad. In spite of my attachment.

She draws eyelashes, and most importantly — fast. In the morning when time is valuable, I don’t need to sit and draw in the eyes. While writing the post, I realized that there are no drawbacks that I can show your. Yeah, she’s not as bright as my usual mascara, but it is easier to use, and lashes with it worse. Yes, and inexpensive.

Eyebrow used Vivienne Sabo Fixateur.

Cost: RUB 584

The volume of 6.4 ml.

Use: approximately 10.10.

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