Mask GlamGlow Instamud – like “eraser for long”

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First time trying bubble face mask, and with great ingredients – clay cleansing the pores, Niacinamide, the tone, aloe extract, softening the skin.

Positive color packaging and contents.

The main promise of the manufacturer — 1 minute provide clear and narrow pores.

My skin age, dry and dehydrated, the pores are dilated moderately and not prone to clogging.

Like all packages of this brand and this newbie is uplifting in the morning.

Packaging with a dispenser gives out small portions required for a single zone of the face.

I note a big advantage of the tightness. I apply all masks with a brush.

Lavender mood. Selfie for Insta fails on 5++++.

All in this mask invigorates and energizes in the morning sun color packaging, fresh scent, funny purple foam on the nose:)

My family, too, am smiling at the sight of the momma alien.

I used it all over face and just on the T zone. Both options I liked.

Withstand a mask sometimes more than 5 min, because it’s comforting.

Pleasant, “tickling”, not pulls, not flowing.

To test the veracity of the t zone kept exactly 60 seconds.

As you can see to appreciate the struggle with black dots I can’t( I don’t), but a more even skin tone.

The tool perfectly prepares the application of Foundation. Easy matting effect.


As a result: to live without this mask certainly possible without sadness. Price of 2000 R ( subject to discounts) one hundred times will make you wonder about the need.

But if you yourself decided to spend money and if you were already a positive experience with Glam Glow, this novelty will not disappoint.

I think you should not get my hopes up that in seconds all the black dots and pores in the “crater” will disappear.

But if your skin is well-groomed, this yellow bottle will be a good helper and a great addition to the Arsenal of other cleansing the cans on the shelf with care.

Your NikaKlavas

Refreshing, narrowing of pores, brightens the Price

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