Masura 1178 Cat’titude – autumn aubergine

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What could be better than deep purple hues for an autumn manicure?

Still don’t know how to translate the name of this shade πŸ™‚ and it doesn’t matter.

This fabulous eggplant. For me πŸ™‚

Masura 1178 Cat’titude

Jelly deep complex of eggplant (or wine?) shade with holographic shimmer and holographic flakes and blue mica. Well, just the raisins izimovich…

Goes well, without any bald spots. In two layers is obtained rich color, and the flakes are placed a good layer without porridge and clutter.

Dries adequately, but I normally with the top drying. This Polish top mandatory to perekati texture, which give the cereal.

Deida fine, very gently rubbed at the ends, I don’t have pinned.

Removed with some difficulty, but nothing special.

Swatch. Paint applied in two coats without a base and covered top. Beautiful and in the sun and in the shade, perfect autumn and winter shade.

Completely self-sufficient, handsome, discreet and spectacular at the same time πŸ™‚

Price 349 per 11 ml.

Otsenka 5!

Girls, how do you? πŸ™‚

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera πŸ™‚

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