Moisturizing body lotion La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lotion for dry to very dry skin infants, children and adults

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I have been told in the beginning of the year his story of struggle with skin itching and how helps me in this series Lipikar. And so time after time I continued to buy lepidospartum balm Lipikar Baume AP+, but this time decided to take a chance and take it instead of lotion for dry to very dry skin. Will tell and show you how they differ from each other and how one thing can replace another with the analysis and comparison of the formulations.

Besides the fact that I have dry skin itself is prone to itching, flaking and redness, so even the water in our region is very tough, which adds to the discomfort afterwards. So I just need to almost every daya day to apply moisturizer on the whole body. For several years I use a balm AP+, but this time decided to take a sample of milk and to learn how they differ from each other.

On the left, milk on the right — the balm

The manufacturer claims that the lotion restores the lipid barrier of the skin thanks to the formula based on cold cream. The tool is made for thermal water LRP at a concentration of 60%, enriched with Shea butter (10%) and Niacinamide (2%).

And balm, and lotions designed

  • for dry to very dry skin
  • for sensitive, atopic
  • for skin prone to allergies, irritation and itching,
  • for infants and children.

I am particularly interested in the question of reduce potential itching, balm AP+ on the itch made special emphasis, milk — such a distinct accent there.

Milk promises hydration up to 48 hours (the balm the stated duration of 24 hours)!

Method of use of both means is also identical: suitable for daily use. The manufacturer offers to apply once a day on dry skin. Suitable for the care of face and body.

Audit my past made me do a mini-analysis of the composition of both funds. In the table on the left complete the composition of the milk, to the right of balsam blue flooded with identical ingredients. The green font of the selected most useful for skin, red — potentially hazardousdangerous.

As usual my attention the first dozen composition, and here we see that it is very similar! 8 of the top ten ingredients of the balsam are present in milk, and if milk is only 24 components, and 11 of them coincide with the balm. All nice elements there, and there — Shea butter, Niacinamide and canola oil — but in different concentrations. For example, in milk Shea butter 10%, and in the balm — 20%, in milk of Niacinamide — 2%, balm — 4%. I.e. the concentration in the milk of nutrients in 2 times less.

Packaging they looks almost no different. Available convenient pump-action dispenser with the ability to lock against accidental pressing.

On the left, milk on the right — a balmon the Left, milk on the right — a balmon the Left, milk on the right — the balm

Milk texture: Lightweight, absorbs very quickly, it is non-sticky and non-greasy (especially compared to balm AP+). Perhaps this is the most important difference of means from each other. The balm is more thick, lies a dense layer does not allow for layering, jelly — light and watery, absorbed quickly, it is possible to apply several layers.

Will show in action. After years of walking in ballet flats remained appropriate sunburn and increased dryness with light exfoliation (the photo shows).

You can see the dryness and peeling

Put on the left foot — lotion on right balm.

One full press. On the left, milk on the right — the balm

Look closer at the texture. Left milk and more liquid, watery, spreads easily distributed. Right balm, it is thicker, it is seen as a well keeps its shape, it is more dense the distribution, the more “siliconindia”.

On the left, milk on the right — the balm

Distribute the tool. Photographed on the site — means applied a thick layer, so that even seen some where the divorce, in fact this amount is more than enough for the skin of the legs to or above the knees (depending on degree of dryness).

On the left, milk on the right — the balm

Now let’s check on the absorption. It took literally 2-3 minutes from the time of application. Perfectly clear that milk very well and quickly absorbed, tissue paper stuck only in the place where there was a thick visible layer. Ie by the time you are done put lotion on all parts of the body, it will be possible to dress. The balm is more thick and much longer leaves a sticky film on the skin.

Left — milk, to the right balm. After 2-3 minutes after application.

Effect: this is a great basic lotion for the body, eliminates dryness, moisturizes and very easy to use. I assume that is after the pool, no need to wait long until the substance is absorbed. Now I don’t have any serious problems with itching since I observe a number of rules and prevent excessive dryness of the skin, so switching to a lighter lotion instead of a balm I think reasonable and appropriate. About 48 hours of moisture — possible, if not to bathe or wash very soft tools (otherwise, just apply to the body of something calming and moisturizing).

Use life: more than 1 month

Price: 1 317 rubles per 400 ml (about 400 rubles cheaper balm in the same packaging)

My assessment: 5- (minus) out of 5. Despite lower concentrations of nutrients, milk helps me and will definitely become my faithful companion (especially during remission of acute itching). Definitely recommend to all! Minus for the presence of mineral oils that can potentially clog your pores (rather refers to the face, but I don’t use face).

The balm in the previous review I put a 4 out of 5 (lowered the rating for the mineral oil in the composition and “setyvelocity”, if not carefully washed away the previously deposited layer)

I hope my comparison will help you make the right choice!

Thank you for your attention


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