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I love the manicure, and we can say, that he once upon a time was the basis of the blog. But I then went on, but back to basics has not been canceled.

It’s the basic things I can not change. And today I want to tell you about their assistants. They almost never change mine, so a survey on the average these products over the last 4 years. Duplicate, new, indispensable.


Once, a few years ago, when I was known as such a nail blogger and wrote about Deborah Lippmann, England and Chanel ( Oh yeah!), I actually wrote a lot about the paints, almost exclusively about them. But very little about the tools for manicure. I tried many times, but never reached his hands. Today part of an important part of beautiful hands.

Background. Actually, when I was known as such a nail blogger, I painted my nails (as well as took care of them) every two days, but then personal things, work, family, of course, pushed the whole thing on some plan and manicure was not mandatory, but still an important part of the beauty of life.


Here is my hand a week later. The nails grow, the cuticle is also not in the best shape, the tips of the nails yellowed green nail Polish without a base and all the rest:

The first brush that I picked up is a laser since from my friend on the other end of our beloved country. Like many, I’m sure you a will be able to choose without any problems.

Good that works on dry skin delicately and without problems. Three years later, still in pristine condition. Is sawing off the dry skin around the nail. I have long forgotten what it’s like to trim cuticles. Yes, it is growing, but more delicately than if it is cut, and goes, respectively, more quietly, then growing longer and slower.

Such a process: live skin doesn’t hurt, just quietly removes the dry dead skin cells.

Ez Flow Grey Fox 180 grit

As someone may seem, it is a rough nail file 180 grit. I for my natural nails, the average thickness and density it fits perfectly — cut down the length quickly and efficiently, without stretching process and without damaging the nails.

Quite durable, I one blade lasts an average of 2 years. Moreover, the last three I have been using this blade exclusively 1 time a week early more often.

As I prefer a square shape, then do it as follows: perpendicular to the cut down nail length, then the same file going at the edges, slightly rounding out their. Fox works quickly, safely, gently.

Ez Flow Sand Shark II Buffer

This is a blade grinder – polisher. You would think that a useless thing, but I can’t do without her. For almost 6 years of nail blogging changed only the second time.

The blade 2 surface — softer and harder. One (any of them) I use constantly, after each cutting length, removing the lower layer of the nail. And about every three weeks I spend a mandatory ritual — polishing of the nail plate. Oh, this is an important and necessary thing and should not be neglected.

So, more hard side (no more than once a month!) I grind the nail from all possible burrs and other troubles. Softer side I zapolirovan. It is not perfectly smooth and finished version, so there’s another dual blade, about it below.


Of the nails after polishing. It is important not to often.

Ez Flow Quick Shiner

The polishers cannot be neglected. One of the important components of a good manicure. They are responsible for the regrown edge of the nail, for his condition, for the absence of its breakage and flaking.

A few years ago when I studied blogs, reviews, comments on the subject of good condition of the nails, I realized one thing — the main thing their good appearance: zapolirovat, and you will not embarrass cracks and brittle nails. It turned out to be true (in my experience at least), so the choice for the polishing of nail files is very important to me. I’m usually one is enough for a year, then you need to buy a new one, they are consumed and become thinner relatively quickly.

In the case of Quick Shiner (and, frankly, this is the most successful release from EZFlow!) it is relatively short-lived, malerba… but for about 6 months it just enough. Overall, for its price tag it’s not a problem, but still.

So, one side polishes well something worked shark, resulting in a virtually perfectly flat, and the second the whole thing well (from time to time) polishes. This means that the varnish goes perfectly smoothly, without streaks (important for duochrome), and lasts longer.

Nail after one hand after the other: (by the way, the detected flaws and flaw (well, it happens) after the jig-grinder cuticle, so I had to walk her for the second time:

And, in fact, the final manicure. Almost like short square nails!

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