My favorite citrus ray by Guerlain, Aqua Allegoria, Mandarine Basilic

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A collection of Aqua Allegoria long ago took pride of place on my perfume shelf. Today I want to introduce a wonderful Mandarine Basilic.

Full name: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria, Mandarine-Basilic.

Family: Fresh

Group: Citrus Aromatic


Top notes: Clementine, ivy, orange blossom, bitter orange, green tea.

Heart notes: peony, chamomile, Basil, Mandarin.

Base notes: sandalwood, ambergris.

Creator: Marie Salamagne

Concentration: Toilet water

The aroma of Mandarine Basilic is included in the first in the history of perfumery art collection “fresh water” Aqua Allegoria, Guerlain created by the House in 1999.
Perfumers of the House of Guerlain, whose history dates back to the legendary Eau de Cologne Impériale in 1853, give each fragrance of the collection, Aqua Allegoria freshness of Cologne and durability of Guerlain perfumes. In the heart of the collection, the bergamot orange, a valuable citrus fruit, which is called “the green gold of Calabria”. He is considered the iconic ingredient of the House.
Mandarine Basilic is sparkling and carefree fragrance, exclusive Duo, graceful and easy.
Discreet and elegant bottle decorated with a Golden honeycomb pays homage to the famous design of the “Bee”.

Each flavor is color brand bees and stripes on the white cardboard packaging. In this instance it dark orange.

The bottle is not so concise. Solid and weighty, it is decorated with honeycomb and all of the same cute bee. Design as the name, carry the thoughts to summer, to nature and the sun, even if the window is just gray paint.

But the mood inside him.

First breath. You’re transported to your childhood. New year. The long-awaited tangerines. The aroma is sweet and a little bitter citrus peel spray sparkles in the shower like a Sparkler that has given to hold the mother.

Later the citrus gradually give place to fresh greens. Basil is very distinct. Listen to tart herbal notes, but only if flavored with citrus. Bright tangerine fast enough to give the lead.

The aroma is warm and transparent, as a continuation of the quiet family evenings, when the window fall, large flakes of snow, and the house is bright garland, candles and a small living Christmas tree.

To my great regret, this perfume is not for everyone. I cease to hear it after 5-6 hours. Even on clothing subtle after a while.

However, Mandarine Basilic, I love the ease, the instant mood and energy, which in the morning I was missing.

Still Aqua Allegoria very friendly with nature.

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