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Good day!

Some time ago I showed you the metallic liquid lipstick, which I love, obviously, it will be included in the list of favorites 2018 β€” a Very Metallic Velvet in shade 03 Missing you. Today I’ll show you how it can be useful in the eye makeup β€” smokey eyes will make fondant on a substrate with step by step photos.

Used cosmetics:

For convenience products, which I already wrote on the. will be clickable.

Contrary to what was shown before, starting makeup I now more and more with colors πŸ™‚ I Use a Pore Refining primer Infaillible by L’orΓ©al Paris;

While the primer “shrinks”, draw the eyebrows β€” in the last year it’s increasingly normal shadow from the palette β€” in this particular case the tint Activist In Bloom Tarte Tartelette;

Primer “seated”, it’s time to apply a toner. Adopt one of the favorites last year β€” opaque, but not very dense 123 Perfect CC Cream in the lightest shade 31 Ivory from Bourjois, put a slightly damp sponge all over the face including under the eyes and eyelids;

Deficiencies that failed to hide with tones, camouflage concealer is still Radiant the gums in shade 01. Squeeze the really last drop of the last found the tube that the concealer Sublime Ideal, which replaced my beloved Radiant, I liked significantly less.

Now proceed directly to the eye makeup: eye contour will be traversed by the pencil Regard Coquet from Vivienne Sabo in shade 302;

On the mobile eyelid apply a liquid metallic lipstick Metallic Velvet 03 Missing you Very. You can use metal and not a lipstick, but just Matt β€” important to the texture of it was classic “zaslavskoy”, which, IMPORTANT, and comfortable on the lips;

As quickly as you can draw it with synthetic brush lipstick at the border upward to the eyebrows, smoky adhering to the main rule β€” the closer to the ciliary edge β€” the more saturated the hue;

Apply the right shade of shadows, deepening fondant base. It is not necessary that both the lipstick and the shade was shining, as I have, you can choose matte shadows. Or on a completely matte lipstick, apply a shining shadow and Vice versa β€” a lipstick with a metallic sheen to cover the matte shadows (lights will gently “break” under the shadows). I have the minx shade from the palette Tarteist eyeshadow Pro palette;

Soften the transition from the shadow to the skin, barely touching the border of a matte shadow close ludowego shade: I used a mixture of chic and profesh from the palette Tarteist eyeshadow Pro palette;

Repeat all previous steps on the lower eyelid;

Add a drop of light shining shadows (I adored duochrome, a must-have of the year, inshades from Barbie and the Pearl Limoni, which I can’t show in expanded form, maybe a once epic dropped the palette);

Paint the lashes mascara β€” Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils YSL The Curler. You can use false eyelashes, but this idea was abandoned, as was to glue eyelashes only on special occasions, and this makeup was done before the release of “Affairs”;

While I was doing the shading, kajal the mucous went away, so I duplicate it;

“Modify” person: detecting tone powder. Not looking to get a fairly dense True Match Alliance Perfect 2.R/2.C Rose Vanilla L’oreal Paris, the best option would be a light veil of loose powder;

Slightly sculpturing the face sculptor from the Face Sculptor palette 03 Nude IsaDora;

Refresh the face by a highlighter β€” and very often all year resort to the helpof Bahromov Limoni β€” this time chose the most neutral shade of Pearl;

And add a little blush using blusher Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour 08 Sweet Rose from Clarins.

In conclusion, paint the lips Nodaway velvet lipstick (which I forgot to capture separately) β€” Magnifique Matte velvet lip color 218 of the gums.

Voila! Excellent “nezamorochenny” option on the output is ready! It is possible to use new year’s eve πŸ˜‰

By the way, this substrate resistance smoky eyes just concrete, so it is highly advised to wash the makeup product/two-phase medium/balm, etc. to RUB mitsellyarnoi just not worth it.

The difference in lighting is due to variable cloudy November dayπŸ˜‰

PS: just in case I will explain that I do not consider myself a guru and I certainly don’t think this post is a lesson β€” just to show you how I do. Without didactic tone and condescending smile πŸ™‚

Now I’m a little scared of the mixer into my eyes to look at the first “lessons” that I have seen, and I’m pretty sure a couple of years later I would be embarrassed for this post, so big words “lesson” I would like to avoid πŸ™‚

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