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Usually luxury lacquers I walk around the side. I had once Chanel 679 — VERT OBSCUR, but I’m not impressed and then decided for myself that this is not my segment. Several years passed and I got the gift the hero of today’s post is nail Polish Chanel Ultime 636, through which I have slightly changed my attitude to the Suite.

The lacquer color of warm ale, the finish is matte. The brush is thin, but around the cuticle to draw conveniently.

Easy to apply, the texture is creamy. It dries quickly, two coats about fifteen minutes. After this time the paint becomes completely opaque, streaks and striations are not formed.

On my “short stacks” nail lasted three days, for a matte finish is considered not a bad result. When removing the nail plate was not stained, the skin around also.

In summary, I will say that for a long time my hands did not vyglyadeli so neat and bright at the same time. Of course, this paint is not for every day, but when I want to look special, it will add flavor to the image.

Rating: 5.

Price: 1960р. no discounts

How do You feel about the luxury lacquers? All bright manicures! I will be glad to communicate in the comments and Your rating.

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