Neon peach. Sephora Rouge Shine in shade #58 My Man

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Impermissible summer. Unforgivable warm. How this lipstick was in my purse — still a mystery.

The line Rouge Shine know and love. This is a great alternative to glosses — the texture of the lipstick is not sticky, quite easy — hair in the wind to her back, face product does not smear.

For loop not running. Smoothes flaking. Moisturizes and well protects the lips in spring and autumn, before frosts.

Detail on the quality of packing , I wrote more than once. It hasn’t changed — the lid still snaps tightly adhering to the base. Very good, in my opinion, the selected design, the case looks elegant and the matte surface does not remain fingerprints.

At the bottom of the case “window” that conveys a shade of lipstick.

Shades from left to right: #58 My Man and #33 Get Rich

Disadvantages also in place. Lipstick to stick slightly wobbly. This does not affect the ease of application, but, unfortunately, affects its appearance.

Aroma sweet, the classic “fondant”.

Shade, of course, controversial. I was absolutely not sure whether it will fit me just grabbed out of curiosity. Analogues do not have the word at all, so was nothing to compare with it.

Texture contains shimmer, mostly silvery hue that shimmers green, pink, blue sparkles. On the lips is not noticeable.

When overlaying lipstick arrived but because of the overlap of the natural pigment of the lips requires only one layer, I have this fact does not bother. A thick layer applied directly from the stick falls in the terrain (noticeable only on the macro), though it’s not pronounced, so in addition I’ll pass on the lips with your fingers, distributing the shade tapping motion, and removing the excess.

Why do these dances, you ask? Shade’s great, “stepset” my lips, while remaining practically invisible with makeup on, and besides, as mentioned earlier, the lipstick is comfortable and not picky about the condition of the lips.

Nude lipsLipstick applied from the stick, 1 thick layer ofLipstick applied from the stick 1 thick layerThin layer distributed with your fingers

Like this I really like it. Easy gloss lasts a couple of hours, after the dims. Color is easy to update, you can do it on the go without a mirror. Striped lipstick doesn’t roll down, the mucous membrane perfectly. From food and water is erased.

The overall image of lipstick is applied, as usual, with a thin layer

Price: about 600 rubles

Rating: 4, about purchase I do not regret😉

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