New for the brows – Lancôme Brôw Densify the Powder-To-Cream

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A review of the product by Lancôme is especially dedicated to those for whom every morning to draw my eyebrows — a constant ritual, without which outside, no, no 🙂

Lancôme has released a brand new and unusual product is a cream powder for eyebrows. Design as always minimalistic and sleek black box with gold label and a colored bar on the housing which transmits the tint of the product inside. Inside of 1.6 g. But similar products I have, so the weight of anything I can not compare.

Due to the fact that in the first place is still a powder, to open you need to be careful. Content can be on and all, but such caution immediately get used to it 🙂

Don’t even know what to call this… a sponge? The manufacturer calls it the “foam tip”, look at this name :)) the first time you use it resembles a furry little caterpillar, but these hairs are a function of the 3D volume!:)

I have shade 06 Brown. Very good and versatile brown. This is not a cool taupe, but not a warm red, but somewhere in between and standard. Most likely, it will fit most with light brown shade of hair, because the shade is easy to layer and control. Transmitted to the skin “flick of the wrist”, push is rarely necessary.

Look at the case. So, my eyebrow 🙂 Your hair (and eyelashes and eyebrows) I have light brown ashy shade, so the hairs are still dark paint. Not thick, there is no clear tip (but it is not treated), so no paint or products for eyebrows I’m.

TA-dam! The product is applied to the average density (and denser), but that was a clear shape and contour. It is so convenient and quick method of application that at the time had to forget about his favorite pencil. No obvious bright lines from a pencil that you have to shade for a natural effect, thus the durability of just 24/7. Not have the habit of rubbing the eyebrows with hands, but in the rain the eyebrows is not flowed, causing the horror around them, the night before the make-up remover all in its original form. According to the manufacturer, in contact with skin, the powder turns into a creamy texture that ensures this durability. Need brighter — apply again, it’s hard to overdo it 🙂 the Product is more convenient that it’s hard to draw a curve eyebrow, almost impossible :))

By the way, the palette 5 shades. After my “Brown” is much darker than a “Medium brown” and very cold “Gray”. For girls there are lighter “Natural blonde” and “Dark blonde”.

Separately show the tip of the eyebrow, which is particularly important to me 🙂 I think even the effect of permanent makeup in the technique of “powder coating” (if that correct me, I don’t understand it). Looks very natural shade, the saturation in the overlaying can be compared with sweets for the eyebrows. Shadows when applied dry not achieved 🙂 As I said, the hairs on the tip are used to create the 3D effect, leaving the particles of powder on the hairs, adds volume.

This magic wand is sure to replace the pencil, though, and is more for volume than for clarity. But great pigmentation to cope with this problem, my “so-so” eyebrows proof :)) And the persistence of the “to victory” — another important advantage.

Price — 1650 RUB at a discount. Not more expensive than a good pencil 😉

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