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Once I accept the fact that all manufacturers turned their heads back to the sticky shiny texture lip products for the sake of trends, as the company Urban Decay has decided to go against the wind and to produce a matte mousse for the lips.

Mousse. Matt. Wow entertainers! What came out of it?

Matte mousse Urban Decay LO-FI

Not going to beat around the Bush. In a cardboard box waiting for us plastic washer brand Urbanovskogo color size 50 to 16 mm. On the puck is duplicated information about the color of money, the grammovka (3.5 g, Moussa) and the expiration date after opening (24 months).

Opens the package without any problems, but not so easy to open the bag and smear all its contents.

Matte mousse Urban Decay LO-FI

Color my AMR Moussa called WAVELENGHT and is described as “a Medium pink-purple.”

When first opening the package, the surface Moussa defended the film, and for good reason.

The ad just delicate, like velvet hidden in the packaging. It does not want to touch to not break this tenderness.

Matte mousse Urban Decay LO-FI: Texture

But without breaking eggs scrambled not cooked, therefore, accept razresheniem ideal surface for Swatch ๐Ÿ™‚

Matte mousse Urban Decay LO-FI: Swatch, daylight

Color is not likely to change color in different light, it’s everywhere purple pink. For me, this color challenge against my nutovo-pale-warm comfort zone.

Pigmentation is excellent for my taste, can get quite dense coating with no problems. Mousse felt completely dry, you apply it exactly where you put it and not in some neighborhood of sponges, as is the case with liquid textures.

The finish is matte, but not tight, and very gentle, with no effect of the surface washed down with emery.

Consider two options of applying the mousse.

  • A thin layer with fingertips.

What could be more natural than to drive the pigment with a finger to the lips straight to the touch? Even a mirror is not much need for that. Mousse lies a thin veil giving the lips a pinkish-purple color, which to my surprise doesn’t look at me like a cow saddle.

A very very thin layer.

I really enjoyed this method of applying the mousse, though he suggests to hand water or wet wipes to then wipe the rest of with your finger.

Even with a thin layer of pigment well covers the natural color of the lips, does not accentuate peeling and not much distinguishes the natural contour of the lips.

Full image with subtly applied mousse Urban Decay LO-FI Wavelenght

What to wear captivating fashion mousse lips are not dry because of the matte finish no stickiness, and the lips do not leave greasy marks on everything. The color remains on the cups.

Durability with a light application does not suffer due to the fact that the mousse blends easily with your fingers the veil, and it is not clear where it’s faded. Light shade will move smoothly in a natural color close to the mucosa and to correct the lips need only after 8 hours despite the fact that you can shamelessly drink there and chat the whole time.

  • A thick layer is applied usingapplicator or brush.

What kind of applicator? But, as they say “I don’t see, but he is!”. You just need to pull what seemed to click and we have a tool for applying the mousse.

Matte mousse Urban Decay LO-FI: Where’s the applicator?

I have tried apply in a thick layer with a brush, and a complete sponge. To cover the difference I saw, but the brush takes more time. Additionally, the sponge is always with you.

Dense coating applicator โ€” peeling stresses

In a dense mousse application immediately highlights problem areas on the lips. Unfortunately two days of walking without balm made themselves felt here in this mess on my lips and that’s not the worst state, yeah

But it is worth to mention on the shore โ€” the same finish lipstick with this source look much worse, so it’s just to accept and not to forget about scrubs balms Yes

Full image with tightly applied mousse Urban Decay LO-FI Wavelenght

In General, the image peeling naturally not as critical noticeable as on macro. With tight applying the mousse still not dry lips, comfortable and not sticky, leaves minimal traces.

But durability with tight causing reduced. In the first place the mousse will slide with the upper lip mucosa in about the time drink and food, so adjust makeup after a snack you will have. But the rest of the pigment requires an adjustment after about 8 hours. As for me the result is excellent.

In any application it should be noted that the mousse will not be spread beyond the lips, but also to redistribute it by the friction of the lips against each other will not work. Vitality in all its glory with its pluses and minuses.

For Allergy sufferers and those interested in โ€” composition:

Urban Decay LO-FI Wavelenght Composition

For me, the composition of decorative cosmetics is not the most important, but the talc present in the composition to create the Foundation for an unusual texture alarmed me. Some powder with talc behaved on my skin. I am glad that with this mousse in spite of the composition was not a problem ๐Ÿ™‚

The result:

I think to judge this Moussa you need to intently from matte lipsticks.

Just a matte cover, though not in trend, they now attract many by its comfort and nelapattu in my life (I’m up to the appearance of matte lipsticks in General preferred the lips not to paint because of the stickiness), but the lipsticks have forever to pay dryness of the lips and worsening of their condition…

Matte mousse took comfort matte coatings, but of all the problems in a pulling only underscores peeling (which is not that pronounced compared to matte lipsticks). Pay for it we less resistance. But less vitality this is minor compared to the lack of lip dryness during the day…

Matte finish and at the same time:
less peeling stresses
(with a light coating not peeling stresses at all)
more comfortable to wear
does not dry
nice texture
the unusual format
quietly layered and easy rastushevyvaet resistant than matte lipstick
Also requires good condition of the lips (especially in dense application)

Price: 1790 R.

Rating: 5 of 5 (I too love matte lipsticks, and this mousse is even a little better than they are)

Matte mousse Urban Decay LO-FI

Thank you for your attention

A. G.

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