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I’ve been wanting this palette) But all the time something did not work out, that tester was not available, the tester at the place, but the drive is empty. And here is another beautiful post. and a 30% discount on all NYX did the trick 👏

Yeah, my Association with shells of delicate translucent shades. All six colors in the palette is matte, but the skin there is no effect of chalk or flour, shades live.

  • ivory
  • lavender
  • dark brick (and very correct)
  • coffee
  • light salmon
  • brown-Burgundy

Want to show the shadows without a base — they are very quiet basic colors, even a beginner will be able to cope and not to instruct bright spots. This is why I love them.

The shadows applied without a base, one-touch

Shadow practically no dust. Is that — if you carry a fluffy brush from side to side. Transferred to the eyelid perfectly, do not crumble under the eyes. On the basis of the hold all day, no dimming and not slipping into the crease.

Transferred to the skin with a base of very dense color shade is fine, even when my krivorukost something wearable to portray. For the price — it’s a beautiful shade that can create many makeup options, both day and evening.

The weight of shadows in one refile 1.37 lb .

“Gloomy” use case)

Light salmon in the inner corner, lavender and brick in the crease and on the lower eyelid, brown and Burgundy on a movable century, the coffee dedicated external area.

Rating: 5 (for the price great shade)

Price: 530 RUB. at a discount.

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