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I love fall’s deep rich shades — they convey the mood and color theme. But sometimes there are surprises.

Lipstick appeared simultaneously on the other (see previous post), which I was inspired more. The darker shade I was interested in, but I left it for the weekend, easy to apply and to wear, without the hustle and bustle. Yet, I choose myself — I would have chosen another most likely.

The lipstick came in a small plastic box with “rubberized” cap (material Softtouch if I am not mistaken). Case, by the way, the lumen is transparent and you can see how much lipstick is left. Below is the name of the shade, and on the body composition and all other information. Inside flexivity furry little puff — wield them is not very difficult, but whether it is uniformly furry, it would be easier. The lipstick has a mild sweet (candy) fragrance is felt only if specifically smell. Eventually get bored — somewhat cloying.

Apply evenly, with no bald spots. Freezes pretty quickly. The most difficult — to smoothly and quickly draw the outline, to the correction it will not be enough time. Lips covers a uniform film is not moisturizing and does not dry, a layer which hardens. Discomfort is something I can’t put higienico habit and lips feel helpless. In fact it is only paint and no maintenance. Perhaps that is why I feel uncomfortable. A hand reaches out constantly to apply anything.

The finish is matte and shiny at the same time. Ie freezes as matte lipstick, but the finish is not dull, as such, microchimerism. For me this is new — although seen on other, the I is not pulled. And, you know, I can’t shake the feeling that somewhere this has happened — I understand that it is rather a new trend — here’s a finish line, but it is for me personally, soaked in the 90s — a time of unbridled partying, when all was “what is not forbidden is allowed, and even if prohibited, is not yet caught — you”, every fashionable stars of discos was the lipstick of a similar shade, or at least the outline to a lighter lipstick (short skirt, long jacket with shoulder haircut “a boy” with short nape — so went to work).

Lipstick resistant — holds tightly. Ordinary lotion will not wash off — you need something “zhirnenky” type dwuhfazno, milk, hydrophilic oil. You will need two discs — the first smear on the face, the second cleaned up. By the way, the lipstick will survive a tea with low-fat pectinase, half day at work — it can’t be controlled. Fatty lunch will not survive.

Allows you to layer at least three layers, one lies evenly, without cruising areas.

Fluorescent.The window without the lamp.

Here’s a lipstick with its pluses and minuses. On the one hand the firmness, uniformity and absence of leaking, on the other discomfort, difficult path. Here already to whom that is more important. For me personally plugging rather in the shade — it’s fine to wear. Although in General he’s not so bad and I know it’s just subjective perception.

It may make sense to combine a lipstick with a gloss, such as MAC well suited to wear it was more comfortable, but then you will kill the finish. In General, I have something else to think about.

Price: 479, 02 RUB

A volume of 6.7 ml.

Use: 02.11.

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