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In the framework of the XII Scientific-practical conference of dermatologists and cosmetologists “Saint Petersburg dermatological readings” company “Glenmark Impex” presented the product Nourkrin is a Danish company Pharma Medico that is designed to restore and maintain the natural cycle of hair growth.

Nourkrin is manufactured in Denmark, has more than 25 years experience in many countries, including the UK, awarded a Gold Medal by the world trichology society, and winner of other international awards.

The principle of operation is based on Nourkrin replacement therapy proteoglycans that improve the functions of and optimize the life cycle of hair follicle growth. It consists of a complex of Marilex which is a biological substrate and a natural source of proteoglycans.

According to a survey conducted by GfK in 2017, with the hair loss problem in Russia for the last 12 months has faced 18.7 million women and 14.1 million men.

Hair loss in different forms may be caused by a variety of reasons, from long-term use of drugs and hormonal changes to factors associated with lifestyle. However, almost in all cases suffer the cycle of hair growth. This is reflected in the reduction in the duration of anagen, the active phase of hair growth, and quicker compared to the norm, the transition to the catagen phase, in which the atrophy of the hair papilla and cell division stops and the hair follicles.

During the event were presented the results of research Pharma Medico, which revealed a direct link between the disturbances of the hair growth cycle and a reduction in the level of proteoglycans in the efficacy of the hair and the surrounding connective tissue. Proteoglycans are complex high-molecular compounds, forming the main substance of the extracellular matrix. To regulate the growth cycle of hair-specific proteoglycans (such as versican, decorin and syndecan-1) must be present in the hair follicle in a strictly defined concentration. On the basis of the obtained data was developed proteoglicanos substitution therapy Nourkrin, which allows you to return the hair follicles in the anagen phase, and as a result, helps stop hair loss, promoting their healthy growth.

“Dermatology is a strategic therapeutic area for our company. For more than 40 years, “Glenmark” provides to the international markets drugs for the treatment of skin diseases. In Russia our dermatological portfolio consists of prescription and OTC drugs for local use. Nourkrin, which we brought to the Russian market in partnership with the Danish company Pharma Medico within the framework of an exclusivity agreement, is intended to help patients suffering from hair loss. Moreover, this brand is a good addition to our dermatology portfolio in Russia”, – says Oksana Pozdnyakova, Vice-President and General Director of “Glenmark” in Russia.

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