Pearlescent cream shadow Mac Pressed Pigment – Jet Couture shade

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If you like black eye shadow and MAC, welcome under kat.

I have a cosmetic maniac and just to shiver in the hands of love shadow. Usually I’m attracted to bright and unusual shades. Today’s review is about this.

Professional grade MAC rich variety of decorative means to age.

My shades of fall collection 2013, in which only 12 shades, including this one.

MAC Pressed Pigment Jet Couture

Packaging standard for the brand-a black cardboard box with all the information, and it is plastic with sparkling elements in it.

Weight eye shadow 3 gram, perfume is completely absent.

The texture of the shadows are very interesting-in the package they seem dry, but once touched with a brush and immediately see that they have some wet-cream.

Color is black, but only in the package, all these shadows are real chameleons, iridescent different shades of black, rolling in khaki. On the eyelids look very dimensional and festive.

Top photo daylight at a certain angle of shooting, the bottom with flash

To put their best finger, or brush with artificial bristles hammered movements, otherwise it will not be visible and the hundredth part of their beauty and splendor. And if you use the wet method, it is possible to be blinded by their glitter and glow.

-The shade is absolutely weightless on the eyelid and do not cause me any discomfort when worn. Due to the particular texture I would recommend them to application use something to protect against sparkles that fall off and are deposited on the face, or use a tone and the concealer after the eye makeup.

Hold they have me firmly to remove, not going to fold, but I always use a base under shadows, without it looming over the centuries with my not wearing any shadow.

This color is certainly not an everyday option, (although as anyone). But

in the evening you will be irresistible to him if you are not afraid of such bright and dark colors).

I-no, I have the opposite attracts all unusual and not commonplace in the make-up. So more black, red, blue, and green shadow on the eyelids.

It seems to be all the points highlighted, you can now show them off in makeup)

I’m not a professional makeup artist so everyone can decide for themselves exactly how to wear and beat these shadows. I just showed one of the possible options.

Price: about 1500 rubles.

Rating: 5+++++.

Period of use: several times.

Do you have many eyeshadow and do you wear black?

Sincerely, Elena.

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