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Many times I attempted to strike up a strong friendship with a liquid tonal resources, something I liked, something no, no more. The majority of Foundation, BB and CC creams were rejected due to the same cons — sinking into the pores, stressed wrinkles, shone on the face for a few hours or omissis evening. At some point I switched to powder solo and long enough to use just. But last spring, after the successful purchases of the Belarusian decorative cosmetics, and decided to try CC cream Active complex brand “Luxvisage”. And that happened — the perfect cream for my not perfect skin found. Buy already the fourth tube.

Information from the official website:

An amazing combination of effective skin care and quality make-up is the main feature of SS-cream. This is a stand-alone product for the care of the skin, is able to instantly give the face a flawless tone, making it visually more healthy and well-groomed. Has a unique formula with specially selected active substances of plant and marine origin (ginseng, glycogen, horse chestnut, Linden), which provides smoothing, moisturizing and soothing effect.
CC cream from the “SUITE” consists of four ensures the perfect tone, anti-stress care and protection from the negative effects of the environment.


The cream is in a soft plastic tube. Without the boxes. From not loud and not clear promises only what is written on the outside of the package — about some anti-stress and color correction. Also there is an icon on UVA/UVB protection. What extent information security is also no.

View composition:

The compositions are not strong, but I see at the beginning of the list of filters, protection from the sun, and plant extracts.

When you first open a product “dispenser” looks like). And it’s probably the only minusik cream because of its consistency, and the cap and under it, all smeared with cream, you need prilovchitsya to squeeze out as much cream as you need.

The cream of consitency average density practically odorless. Show going two shades that you can compare myself to. I’m already white enough and because of age (+35) I like it when the face is clarified, it is refreshing. Tone 01 excellent for the winter and spring, Tone 02 — my autumn. Although both shades perfectly adapt to the skin color and the real difference after full shrinkage no.

The application and the result Normally pressed powder I always apply day cream. But under the CC cream I do not put anything ( morning wash+toner+patches under eyes). Applied cream easily glides on the skin, instantly does not freeze like fluids, but also greatly slow down is not worth it. In problematic areas superimposed without problems. Especially cranie defects allegedly post-acne can not be concealed. But as it refreshes and transforms the complexion! My skin is heterogeneous, sometimes with a grey-yellow shade. CC cream transforms her perfectly, brightens, refreshes. Pores and wrinkles as if suppressed, the total smooths the microrelief. On the face is not visible absolutely. The finish of the vibrant, semi-matte.

During the day, not floats, not axises. When attaching the powder (I always fix powder) greasy as such does not appear at all, although some funds from my T-zone can sail in two hours, treacherously falling into the pores. In the case of this CC cream for dinner is enough to use matting napkins and I was again in order.

Another positive effect is a very comfortable sock and care. I don’t feel on the face of the film, or cream, generally don’t feel anything when touching smooth skin without stickiness, the phone is not imprinted. From the skin does not dry absolutely, peeling does not appear. Pores are not affected. My skin it very sensitive. I boldly put this cream on your skin workoh eyes, as concealer constantly fail in wrinkles, adding to the end of the day age.

View in action:

Bare face — the wrinkles around the eyes and on the cheeks, pores, uneven tone, uneven terrain…😕

SS-cream after a couple of minutes, without powder, without additional corrective means, as are tone 01:

Tone 02:

As you can see, after shrinking the difference between the tone of the 01 and 02 are almost there, the CC cream adjusts to skin tone and will suit the whites.

I like the effect very much. In autumn-winter-spring time cream absolutely comfortable to wear. Winter in -40 cold is not erased on a scarf or the collar of a fur coat or jacket. On the phone is not imprinted. The only thing in the summer I don’t use them, simply because summer generally try to give the skin a rest from makeup.

If some point is not covered, ask, will answer!

Usage time: more than 6 months

Price: from 140 rubles to 420 rubles (! in different places)

Rating: 5+++

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