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How to describe this shade?

Creamy toffee, caramel, chocolate? Maybe iodine?😉

I ask you to look at.

Left Picture Henna Polish in the fall collection of 2018.

I am, in principle, no doubt, to take it or not, I liked him in absentia is their fancy chestnut color, well, it’s jelly glass that has for me is “red flag”. I even loosened its one-year abstinence for the sake of it 😀

The brush in my copy is excellent, and indeed, never any complaints on the brush brand I personally have not.

It smooth, supple, perfectly reveals near the cuticle when you paint the nail Polish does not disperse.

Paint nails it is convenient and comfortable.

As I said above, the texture of the Henna — glass/jelly. The consistency is medium, a gel. Lacquer nowhere flows, no floods, well-leveled and self-leveling.

Because of the jelly texture, the coating will be translucent, with “bald spots”, which personally I love, it looks weightless, and the official description warns us that the varnish is intended to be uneven.

To put it in two layers, and three depends on the desired richness of color.

I have three thin coats, and I covered the top Revlon 960, but your gloss of the specimen is bright.

I carried it for about 4 days, the coating did not hurt.

Volume: 11 ml.

Price: p 800.

Lovely nail Polish lovers take)

Thank you for watching. I — Lena.

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