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Post-my collection broselow. Today show Clarins bronzing powder from the summer limited edition make-up in 2017.

I believe that last year’s summer collection was the brand extremely successful.

The key drivers for the acquisition was the following:
— winter 70% discount,
— description of the manufacturer, in which the main role played by the word “vegetable microblaster” and “light diffusing pigments”.

Information of the manufacturer.

Kiss of the sun on your skin.
Powder, consisting of 3 x matte bronzer shades in different degrees of intensity and radiant coral blush, allows one hand movement to give the skin a warm, natural tan.
Nourishing ingredients in the formula protect the skin from dehydration and give her a sense of comfort. A light-diffusing pigments combined with mother-of-pearl particles visually hide wrinkles and minor skin imperfections, giving it a healthy glow.
Quick application and adjustable result.
Universal shade for any skin color
Natural radiant tan

The location of hints in the view of the setting sun makes application very easy and allows you to adjust the degree of saturation of the tan depending on the desired result. Use dark colors for the sculpted features of the face, light — in order to give it a glow, by using Rouge to emphasize the apples of the cheeks.

Light-diffusing pigments combined with mother-of-pearl particles visually hide wrinkles and minor skin imperfections, giving it a healthy glow
Plant Micropatch microblaster Végétal provides skin long-lasting hydration, protecting it from dehydration.
Extracts of white tea and borodavkina protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution.

My impressions.

Case beautiful and durable. Nothing wobbles, the castle safe, offer convenient. The powder was in a cardboard box without any additional cover-dust boot that Clarins complements the main collection. I adapted for this purpose, the case from other means, you do not want to scratch this beauty.

Inside is a large mirror, enough for makeup. The case diameter of 9.5 cm, and the mirror — 7 see

I powdered perfume fragrance, gentle, subtle, savory. My nose feels white flowers, Mimosa leaves and grass, notes of freshness.

Embossing in the form of palm leaves and sun, long erased.

The difference in shades between bronzing sectors in my eyes minimal: on a warm beige base. All shades contain micro gold sequins. The sectors are big enough to get a brush only in one, but I don’t see the point of doing the mix.

It’s too small, but not dusty. Paint the top layer of new powder is not necessary. Color is typed in and easily tolerated, the saturation is really well regulated. As always use a big soft synthetic brush.

The first layer is barely noticeable and very natural, and then you can layer as needed. It is important not to get carried away. After the third layer can appear being a ginger.

Finish not a dull matte, but there’s a noticeable glow. Probably work mother-of-pearl particles, according to the manufacturer. Small imperfections overlap. Small vessels, pores, pigmentation powder blurs.

But the blush seemed to me rich. Can’t call them coral. Orange on gold base. Direct Fox tail. Active, very beautiful color. It is necessary to adapt, because you can put orange iridescent spot. Gaining a soft brush and barely touch cheeks.
Even use the blush as a shadow. Keep without the base the whole day, do not roll down and disappear in the afternoon.

In General, the powder is excellent. Survive the heat, the heat, humidity and even sweat. Lasts all day without any additional tweaks.

Hydrophilic, only oil.

Indoors by the window on a Sunny day:

Indoors by the window on a cloudy day:

Outside in the sun:

Warm artificial lighting:

Indoors at the window:

Outside in the sun:

Warm artificial lighting:

Blush in the sun:

Blush indoors at the window:

Blush in warm artificial light

General appearance. Mix broselow applied to the entire face on Embryoliss Hydra-Mat, blush on the cheeks and eyelids. On the eyelids without a base. Make made tight (4 layers) brighter to better see the color.

Warm artificial lighting:

Price in the official online shop of the brand was 3500 RUB. From Clarins constantly there are discounts and promotions (also an interesting sales strategy)).
My powder I bought for 1050 rubles in December when nobody wants to buy the typical summer product.

Collectible bronzer this year of a similar composition and similar shades, the only thing that blush there. We will observe whether it snatched for winter. With such a discount I would buy her friend a present.

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