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Will continue the review of its cosmetics. Show more a few products from Charlotte Tilbury:

  • Cream shadow from Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to mesmerise in the shade of Marie Antoinette

  • Cream shadow CT is in the shade of Marie Antoinette

    Cream shadow in a heavy šajbočka the frosted glass. Color — gold with fine shimmer and glitter. Rich, stable, easy to apply with finger or brush. Texture Moscova, well become flustered. Love the shadows in this format, they are easy to use and look great, with a minimum of effort. The drawback, as with many cream products during the day can ride in the fold.

    Made in Italy, weight 7 ml

    In make-up. Light circular lamp

    Price: 22 pounds.

    2.Lip pencil Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Iconic nude shade

    Pencil in the shade Iconic Nude

    Soft pencil in a plastic tube, with excellent durability. A color bomb, just to create your lips, only better. It’s great to do them Ombre, dealing, lighter color lipstick on the middle of the lips, increasing the visual volume. The texture of the pencil is dense, dry, better to put on moisturized lips.

    From your Arsene pencils for lips, as close as possible was the Pupa pencil in shade 05 (as a budget analogue), but still pencil pupa — a dark, oily and therefore less persistent.

    Production — Germany. Weight — 1.2 g

    Comparison of CT and Iconic nude Pupa 05On the CT lip pencil Iconic nude

    Price: £ 16.

    3.Keller, Charlotte Tilbury Life changing lashes.

    Kerler, CT

    The description of the manufacturer is an important step for imaging, the mechanism is perfectly matched to create a natural curl without the crease, the pink color will be a perfect decoration of cosmetics. Even nothing to add. Curler really gives the lashes a bend, no creases, rose gold looks beautiful. But overall, he is no different from my previous “nouneym” curler. So if the design plays a big role, then maybe it’s your VIP. Made in China, comes with removable elastic band.

    Price: 18 pounds.

    4.Palette bronzer+highlighter Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, tint Fair-medium


    Among all the products from Charlotte Tilbury is definitely worth to pay attention to this product, quite rare to find so a good combination in terms of colors, textures, volume and clearance. Universal product for sculpting and highlighting the skin.

    Let’s start with design: beautiful gold box with a mirror inside and a sufficiently large number of product — 8 grams in each refile. The brush is not provided.

    On tefilah embossed with inscriptions sculpt/highlight

    Highlighter from my point of view, perfect. It has a silky texture, very soft and illuminates the skin without izlesene lights. The scheme of applying the standard — the cheekbones, under the brow, back, and the tip of the nose.

    But the sculptor was very surprised, it is rather bronzerat, but it’s not matte but has a satin Shine, the texture is silk. Won’t go gray spot under the cheekbone, and quite harmoniously fits into the skin. Apply to the cheekbones, the crease of the eyelid, kontenerow nose, forehead.

    The inhumane price is 49 pounds.

    SwatchSculptor+halter, lip pencil Iconic nude printed on a gloss – balm Sephora 203

    As you can see a little highlighter brightens and illuminates the skin effect polished leather you can hardly wait. Sculptor/bronzer emphasized cheekbones. In my opinion a great effect.

    On full image photo a bit blur, but I can see the face.

    Full image, natural light

    As You the products from Charlotte Tilbury? Tried? Is your favorite?

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