Seaside in a bottle – Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk Eau De Toilette

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Again, try something new and decided to share with you my favorite fragrance of the Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk.

I’m not a big fan of perfume, and now my collection of all three flavors: also this one from Jo Malone and Diptique. I’ve been thinking whether it is worth writing a review on such an individual thing as perfumes but found this photo and decided. Beautiful should be shared.

I like making the fashion house Margiela, and it has spread to the flavors. When I moved from the provinces to Moscow four years ago, I was introduced to niche perfume and understood why before I was not very interested in perfume — very interesting, I have not seen. Replica immediately gained my attention for its packaging: simple bottle, if the pharmacy, even without a cover and the same pharmaceutical labels printed like a typewriter names. And the idea just led me into raptures — every flavor tells stories about places in a certain time like Sunday morning, jazzowy club or an evening by the fireplace.

All the flavors are very interesting in their own way and choosing one was a challenge, but most of all I liked the walk on the island beach of Calvi in 1972.

Category: floral fruity sweet.


Top notes: bergamot, pink pepper, lemon

Middle notes: ylang-ylang, translaton, heliotrope, coconut milk

Base notes: musk, cedar, benzoin

The composition was developed by perfumers Marie Salamagne and Jacques Cavallier.

As I wrote above, I was wondering what is a Replica (copy) I might buy. At the stage of testing in the store, I felt the resistance this water it is able to clearly stay on clothing for up to three days, and it leaves a light haze. Scarves and coats are guaranteed to smell faintly of a Walk on the beach so that guests asking me if I poured from head to toe with perfume or as otherwise possible. No, I put quite a bit.

Despite this resistance, the scent is not suffocating, what is important to me. All the previous perfume I had with fresh notes and their background Remark rather sweet. Thus if I’m carrying them in the summer or in the winter — they get bored and they are not a headache. The plume is there, but not significant. I do not divide the fragrances in winter and summer very well and are looking for something like a signature scent.

The aroma is a direct hit with a story about the beach. In the winter it envelops the heat, and in warm time of the year calls faster to go to sea. Reminiscent of the aroma of sweaty salty skin, natertogo coconut oil and a spicy drink in hand.

It most of all, I feel the pink pepper and coconut, perhaps because gently love them. Actually, I like every note of all these and together they create an elegant cocktail. Can’t say that any separately over time, everything is in a harmonious combination.

Over the year I finished only half of the vial in 100 ml and it is one of two available formats. Second with rolikovy applicator in sets only 10ml. Abroad still represented a dry body oil and shower gel with the same scent and of course, candles.

Price without discounts 8365 in Russia and $126 in America.

I think the description is clear that the scent is a favorite and if you are not familiar with the range of Replica, you’re missing out.

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