Sensai Liquid Eyeliner 02 Brown – Eyeliner-chameleon, tassel and button

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Arrows are present in the majority of my makeup. I tried a lot of tools for drawing, but has long been a favorite format is the “pen” with a brush and a button๐Ÿ˜€. And if before such could be found, many manufacturers now produce their units. Well, that is available in many online cosmetic stores Japanese brand Sensai has a liner that meets all my requirements โ€” this Sensai Liquid Eyeliner. But it has nuances.

Design Sensai Liquid Eyeliner resembles a fountain pen with ink cartridges. The liner kit consists of a metal “case” and a cartridge.

In the product description in the online shops indicated that “gas cartridges are commercially available”. Unfortunately, neither in the Internet nor in regular stores spare cartridges I have not yet met.

Beautiful gleaming metal case.

Nested may not seem very clear, but activation of the cartridge intuitively โ€” can’t go wrong.

The can of “ink” has a hole covered by a ball.

Untwist the handle and put the cartridge on a metal rod that pushes a ball inside the cartridge, ensuring the flow of paint down the side of the brush.

The mechanism is economically justified as it allows to significantly increase the service life of the liner. Promised 6 months begin to flow only after activation of the canister.

The supply of paint to the brush by pressing a button. Pipes of similar shapes with the brush a lot (the most popular โ€” Artdeco), but it is the presence of buttons from Sensai determined my purchase. Button allows you to adjust the amount of incoming product. And this ability, in turn, helps to determine the desired thickness of the arrows and the intensity of the line. But most importantly, the button eliminates the difficulties that inevitably arise in a month or two of service “besknopochnogo” counterparts, eyeliner do not shake after each stroke and don’t even have to store vertically.

In this photo you can see that some paint has already received the originally white bristles of the brush.

And here is the eyeliner ready to work worth, imbued with color. Here you can appreciate how thin the tip of the brush.

Predecessor Sensai Liquid Eyeliner in my makeup bag was bilateral eyeliner Cle de Peau (wrote about it post). It was a good eyeliner, but let me remind you that half of the brush fell into disrepair after a month of use, and felt half eventually softened and became less comfortable for fine work.

On switche is possible to evaluate not only the brown color of both pipes, but also the uniformity of the lines. The line drawn by the eyeliner Sensai, more uniform regardless of the strength, and therefore thickness.

The color on the eyes depends not only on lighting, which usually for any makeup, but also on top of what the arrow is drawn.

Daylight. Naked eyelid. Dark brown, almost black.

The sun is more pronounced brown tinge and you can see the humble gloss, which is not visible in daylight.

Next show makeup with shadows. The impression is that the arrows drawn with another tool: the color muted, the effect turned out matte eyeliner. I like that the liner follows the relief of the skin. Due to this active by definition “make-up arrow” looks quiet, suitable for daily wear wear and is not felt in centuries. (I had a liner with a “vinyl” finish, it was options only “exit” because in a few hours the eyes get tired).

I’m not a big fan of experiments with the shadows. So I have a whole box of shadows, brown-beige-topovyh shades, little differing ๐Ÿ˜€. Imagine my surprise when a small step in the direction of the bold (for me) of bronze turned brown eyeliner in grey.

On duochrome (taupe with turquoise shimmer) eyeliner repeats the metallic finish of the shadows and becomes anthracite. I started to like the property of eyeliner to make unexpected color โ€” like I have more than one eyeliner and a few. Now I want to try black, I wonder, will she show the same magic.

When buying consultant insistently warned me that the eyeliner is not waterproof. On the base under the shadow of the arrow cling to the make-up remover, longer shadows. Surprisingly, and on bare eyelids (without base prone to imprinting some mascara and rolling almost all the shadows), an eyeliner remains for about ten hours.

Washed off the eyeliner very easy by any means for make up removal, without the need of morning anything to clean it up.

Today I use eyeliner five months of almost daily. During this time, the mechanism has never failed, the paint dries. In my experience with eyeliners in this format (discontinued Dior and Chanel), they end later than promised six months and it is over and not deteriorating.

Conclusion: Eyeliner I’m satisfied. My favorite format is implemented by the Sensai brand perfectly. Plan to repeat.

Period of use: 5 months

Price: 1845 rubles after deduction of discounts on the map

Rating: 5

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