Sephora #lipstories. 42 No cell service – another unique lipstick in my collection

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Lipstick Sephora #lipstories. Shade 42 No cell service.

I went in the store for one, and left with a very different) And now I have a gold lipstick with the picture you crying in the street)

The design and material of the packaging is pleasing to the eye

Information on the bottom

Swatch on the hand and lips in three versions of light: natural light in cloudy weather, flash, incandescent.

Natural light in cloudy weather



Natural light in cloudy weather



• Tight and smooth.
• Beautiful, soft to the touch packing.
• Comfortable to wear.
• Unobtrusive scent.
• Not enough gloss and metallizovannoj.
• If the top cover glitter begins to fall into the folds of her lips.
• Being a ginger, I want a cooler hue.
• Too thick for comfortable application, for my taste.


Funny lipstick good quality. Maybe buy something else interesting in this series, hooked me in the store 50 shades Trippin and 47 Cash money — a strange collection of lipsticks needs to be replenished))

Price without discounts: 590р.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

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