Set for modelling the shape of eyebrows I liked the “Eyebrow Styling Kit” 01

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The shade that will suit almost everyone

I already told you about the shadows from the same line under the number 02. The palettes for eyebrows I liked, as far as I know, produced only two: 01 — the bright gamma 02 — the dark one. Unknowingly, when buying these products, I thought it has to be a dark tone (because dark brown hair). Now by practice it was found that the average and even bright shades are perfect for me, as long as they had no reddishness. Today I want to show exactly bright selection — set for modelling the shape of eyebrows I liked the “Eyebrow Styling Kit” 01. He is very versatile, will suit almost everyone, with the exception that the owners of obolochechnykh hair.

The packaging is sturdy, strong, easy to open, with a small uncomfortable mirror. There is a small brush with a brush, it is suitable for use. The weight of shadows is very large — 6 gr.

I really like both shades in cool tones, one is more brown, the other brown. They both fit me perfectly. If the shade of dark palettes 02 I have to shade, not too bright, these shadows makeup much easier.

Compare charts 01 and 02:

The characteristics of the shadows in both palettes are exactly the same. They are very rich and soft, slightly dust with a brush. Dark shades you can adjust the shape of the eyebrows. Quickly and easily stain the skin. The shadows from the palette 01 does not require shading, in contrast to the dark of 02 I’m not afraid of layering)

Eyebrows without makeup:

Light shade:

Dark shade:

Price — 250-300 p

Rating 4 (for the fact that dust).

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