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Hello! Post about some of the cosmetics of Finnish brand Dermosil:)

Recently I talked about a couple of care products for your skin which I really liked, and I was especially pleased with price/quality.

Today we will focus on products to create makeup, and the first pair is just perfect for lovers of natural lights!

Liquid eyeshadow in the shade Lemonade

I lullabay cream/gel shadows! For me it is an option for every day just a couple of minutes to create an interesting eye makeup and avoid over shading, transitions, and emphasis. Struck, restorefile finger and you’re done! A fresh look without the gross and heavy colors.

Shadow Dermosil are in a silver plastic bottle, looks very nice and neat. Though the cover and mirror, but prints are virtually invisible. Initially, all features are further Packed in sturdy cardboard boxes.

The sponge is soft and easy for application.

Shade of silvery-pink on the eyelids it looks like a gentle metallic, no shouting of individual sequins.

The texture is light, Geleva-cream, quickly spread, and the consumption of just miserable.

I prefer to apply a small amount of eyeshadow with a sponge, and smudge with fingertips already. There will be more natural and much faster than messing around with brushes.

Freeze for 10-15 seconds, during this time, you will have time to complete the makeup.

I really like to use them solo, but in some makeup as accents, they look too cute.

And they look cool on the lips! Lightly pass a finger, as if using a highlighter. Due to the small shining particles, it is possible to achieve the visual effect of the lip augmentation, and generally I just love this fresh image.

Resistance to normal centuries the whole day, do not fade. Can’t say how well will stay on oily eyelids, so if anyone tried it — write in comments:)


Good versatile product for fans of light makeup. Sorry about the little shades, and so with pleasure would take anything else in Nodaway scheme.

Liquid highlighter

Just say that is incredibly light and highlighter every day. I love these because they are virtually impossible to overdo it.

The bottle is glass, heavy, inside of the pipette.

The only thing that I was not the first time I meet such packages, the product leaks when closed. Lower the pipette down, and the tool gurgles and spits back))) I Hope you understand me:)

The rest of the bottle looks very high quality and simple.

The texture is interesting, it resembles a gel, a jelly, but the distribution just melts and behaves very flexible.

The shade of pearl white. This is the option that will suit even the lightest skin.

Number as swatches very much! This may be enough for your entire face. On the cheekbones, lips and eyes need literally a drop.

And the finish is natural! At first I did not even see him, he gives just the highlights, natural highlights, if your skin is lit from within.

No sparkles, no stripes, in good feather, you do not make out. And if you take a little more, we can achieve the effect of humid lights.

Here it is applied on the cheekbones

Looks great on cheekbones, eyes, lips and collarbones.

Fixed gradually, it is not concrete in this regard.

Interfere in any tone cream, but I use just BB cream on top. Did not show how it looks in the cream or the Foundation, because it’s just not visible and on the face just a little more radiance and freshness. And it slightly lightens the tone. the basics.

I have dry skin, so durability for me all day.

Price: 630 roubles for 14 ml.

Eye pencil in shade Green

Eyeliner in a thin black pen.

Beautiful shade of dark green, in texture no sparkles and shimmer, on the eyes it looks almost matte.

Sharp tip allows you to draw thin arrows, and the reverse side has a pencil sharpener

The pencil is in principle easy draws, not have to keep it down a little at the century of pain to extract at least some color, no. It is best to apply in one coat, but the color will not be that rich as we would like.

And when overlaying, unfortunately, he is not giving complete homogeneity. I saw small clumps, slightly erased the previous layers. I would like more intense pigmentation.

Can’t say that this is a great inconvenience, in General, no one will notice)

The first 10-20 seconds, it may be slightly imprinted on the eyelids, but is then fixed and bravely worn the whole day.

Looks nice in makeup, I liked the shade in combination with my eye shade.

Price: 420 RUB.

What you liked from the post? If any of you are fans of shining make-up?:)

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