Sigil Inspired from Tammy Tanuka. Bright castle, part three. Gardener, Beautiful, troubled by twilight, the Court sebetulnya, intruder

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That’s got to last (for the moment) party of the pigments of the Bright castle. The first two parts can be found here and here.

A selection of shades out most common, but it’s best not to tell harmonious Nude.

All five shades are matte and I repeat is an official Swatch. If the brush before application, thoroughly shake, under the eyes do not fall off, but in terms of the ease of the application of trimming them with the same brush will not work, is in the top five and obedient bunnies, and comrades from donors.

Look at Swatch? Pigments are deposited on the Catrice Prime and fine flat dry brush.

Left to right: Gardener, Beautiful, troubled by twilight, the Court debethune and intruder

You may notice that, in contrast to the dark shades of my previous posts, pink is not lighter when overlaying. On hand no problems seen no pigments lay down smoothly and without bare spots, but we are still basically hand decorate, so let’s look in the eyes, the more there is in two cases the situation is somewhat different.

Swatch on eyes done dry brush at the base of Catrice Prime and fine.

GardenerOfficial SwatchGardener

Gardener β€” bright turquoise. My personal outsider, which is difficult to criticize, because he got me in the drop, they are free. I’m generally wary of the blue hues in makeup, especially for such light. And if swatches on the arm, he almost neon, that would be an interesting twist, it is not glittery on the basis of all the glow goes away, leaving behind quite boring and bed spots the shade. Don’t get me wrong, if you put the pigment in a thin layer, no problems, they appear when you try layering. Used a couple of times to see that it is useless to me. 2,5/5

BeautifulOfficial Swatchgray-winged

Beautiful grey blue color. Aptly described on the official website as “the color of the cloudy sky, the color of pigeon wings.” My unexpected love. Got exchange, now often use it in the inner corner of the eye or even mono under the arrow. Shade in the haze so easy that you do not notice how it happened. The shade is very interesting, the dullness in it than blue, and I like it. 5/5

Alarmed by the dusk, interrupted bythe Official SwatchAlarmed by twilight

Alarmed by the dusk grey with a turquoise undertone. Complex color that could go in the mud, but somehow does not. Love as a contrasting accent in the looks not blue tones, say, in the inner area, or even mucosa of the lower eyelid. Blendable great, not plesivec, century without demand does not disappear, a real honors. 5/5

The court sebetulnyaOfficial SwatchCourt sebetulnya

The court sebetulnya pink. Perfect getting called, every time you use imagine a lady in “gossip girl” in silks and jewelry, which carefully builds the image of silly funny bone, and actually… a Pretty pink color, rich enough to be noble, not girlish, Blendable entry, coats the eyelid, leaving no bald spots and doubts in the evaluation. 5/5

The intruderOfficial Swatchcalm vozmutitelnitsa

The intruder β€” a flashy dark pink. It is seen that solo goes reluctantly, Blendable with small spots, not critical, of course, but compared to other matte is the best way. On the other hand, I didn’t take it for monomania, and in tandem with other shades behaving quite obediently. Can tenovate brush, dvukhfaznoi washed out, but not so vigorously as I could, and it is clear that the pigmentation is crazy. But the color I really like, with such true peace will not. 4/5

And now, some crazy makeup with the heroine of the post.

In the crease ofthe court sebetulnya, in the external area and on mucous membrane of the intruder, in the center of the movable century Alarmed by the duskin the inner corner of the Gardener, on the lower eyelid gray-winged

In General, the shades, of course, not the chassis, but the Court debethune and Beautiful forever advance even in those looks, where initially their presence was not planned. Very enticing, what color, what characteristics. The intruder copes with the role of “pepper” in images, and is Alarmed by the dusk, albeit in a slightly different way. Each of these pigments will be used. And the Gardener… let it be a pleasant reminder that all of us are sometimes lucky, the main thing β€” not to lose hope.

Cost: 250R for sample 1ml, 400 β€” oleformat 2ml

I’m Alena, me for you.

I hope that was helpful πŸ™‚

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