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Continuation of my experience with the Smashbox palettes. Inside you will find sooo a lot of photos 🙂

Last time, only to get acquainted with a palette Punked, I have for some time hovered and played with a holographic image on the packaging, but the palette, which I’ll discuss today, is even more beautiful. Besides being interesting, the picture changes depending on the angle of view, background and even shimmers with rainbow colors, looks very fascinating. Of course, someone may say that this is utter bullshit and is irrelevant to the shadows, but for me personally it is also an important aspect.

So, today I will show you a palette Smashbox Eye Palette Cover Shot: Prism.

Hard plastic, the lid is opened slightly more than 90 degrees, but constantly seeks to get back and close the shade (i.e. in field conditions to put on makeup using the mirror in the palette, it will be very uncomfortable), the mirror in this palette distorting, so I didn’t even bother to peel off the protective film. The names of the shades are only listed on the back of the palette. By the way, in the photo below you can see that the shades of unusual texture, two of the eight marked with the phrase “New Finish”.

Inside 8 shades of shadows: only one matte, 5 satin and 2 completely different texture — something like a pigment, highly visible flakes. As a variety of shades of texture, the back cardboard of the packaging has the part for each category:

Well, let’s look inside and get acquainted with shades!

For two particular shades manufacturer inside the mirror, stuck a note to remind people that they have no reason to use the brush, it is better to apply them directly with your fingers, so the tone is transmitted better and more beautiful.


Outdoor solar light:

Let’s look at the shades close! Two special shades I shall show immediately, to begin three shades from the left of four — two shimmer and one matte.

Rising sign (horizontal) — beige-Golden shimmer.

Gimme space (vertical in the middle) — grey shimmer

Prism break (vertical right) — a matte dark gray.

The shades described above are, left to right

Three shades from the right-hand four — three shimmer.

Gal palace (horizontal) — pale pink shimmer

Bratmosphere(vertical in the middle) — light lilac shimmer

Tarot-fy ( vertical right) — dark purple shimmer

The shades described above are, left to right

And of course, special attention should be paid to two very unusual shades from the palette — Not Astro and Rocket star.

Astro Not — duochrome. At different angles of view is a gold, then silver.

Rocket star — light lavender shade.

These shades are positioned as the toppers, and the manufacturer has not once advised to not apply them with a brush and straight fingers. This is the correct Board, otherwise the shade is absolutely not transmitted, but simply crumbles under the eyes and on the lashes. I even tried to put them flat synthetic brush dipped in duraline. Shade and texture are also well tolerated.

But both colors together, and macro photos:

I used to wear shadow only on the basis of, so I can say that the durability is excellent, to evening make-up look like just done.

Sorry, in this palette there is no shade which would be suitable for drawing folds, but I found that these shadows are great friends and shade dry the shades of other brands.

Will show multiple options of my use of this palette:

Gimme space on the eyelid, in the outer corner of the eye — Tarot-fy

Rising sign on the eyelid, Prism break in the outer area.

Well, a couple of variants with the most interesting shades in the palette:

Tarot-fy all over the eyelid, and Rocket star in the middle of the century.

Prism star is on the external half of the century, Astro not on the inside.

And here are the main shades in the previous two looks in artificial light:

To say that I am pleased with this purchase, still nothing to say. 😍 Hands to it and pulled. The palette is very festive, thanks to these two shades, but for easy everyday shade too.

Price: 1990 rubles with a maximum discount

Rating: 5

Did this palette? Or maybe you already have?;)

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