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Nick Klavas, requested a post on the bright Sukkah? Get))

Suqqu UK for once again released the vivid collection, this time I’ll tell you about summer. International they have obtained Japanese gentle (though not always, of course), but for the UK again a lot of fun. And unrestrained. Just look at the promo photos all the products are bright, and the combination of colors is unusual. In General, about the collection — graduation from couture. Floral tones mixed with rich modern. A collection of fun, juicy and young in spirit. Her image is fresh look, soft skin and juicy lips.

Of course, to have wanted absolutely everyone, but unfortunately — or fortunately — it is impossible, and had to stretch their imagination and submit images with each of them, to understand what is suitable and what is not.

I do it was a bit difficult. I’m pale with blue skin, but warm brown hair color, freckles, and brown eyes. It turns out that both of the palettes I had to take?))

Blush like very much, but I do not particularly favor them, that is, they are really very bright and need to be extremely careful when drawing and shading. Often in the morning I just don’t have time for this, so for the most part they have me stand idle.

Lipstick from Suqqu I only take translucent (well, historically). And cream version I these shades do not see.

Pink shade gradually going from very light to darker blends well with orris and violet and the unexpected part is a warm Golden hue.

By the way, the manufacturer describes as a matte purple, but you just look at this shimmer! In the bright sun it just burns, but the eye makeup looks like a delicate overflow.

117 NATSUKASUMI (Summer Mist) is the most subtle in terms of shimmer, the shade of all my Suqqu palettes. Even the my first, still the same, to re-issue, they are more shiny, even though I considered them one of the most subtle.

The non-shiny, but very dry. Grinding the smallest. But applied to the brush and give the color without any problems. All previous I want to use the word “fat”.

Bronze shade is the most unusual in the palette as the color scheme, and in terms of quality. At first I thought well how to adapt is a warm gold with such a decidedly cool pink and purple. At the first touch was clear — all))) He just will not reached: barely on the sponge, but about the brush and you can forget all. Immediately greasy like armor covered. From the brush to move nothing, even the gaze in the mirror impossible to see anything, with a sponge about the same in the overall story.

That is, the palette could be in fact not four-color and three. But since we have pink in your favorite brand gradient (before this solution was presented only blush), in addition to the gold we have as many as five shades.

Most interesting is that if you put a brush to a light pink base, to hold the cover and move the shadow the same on the eyelid, not shading, the skin will have a gradient. Looks very nice and unusual, though not too noticeable with such a light color.


Swatch. The shade when applied to skin with a sponge WITHOUT the base:

And I will show you two types of make-up.


First: on a movable century, the gradient pink, about which I wrote above and horizontally from top to shade the darkest shade. These two colors are repeated on the lower eyelid. Without the arrow I such make-UPS do not go, so summed up the eyelid with your favorite purple liner Marc Jacobs:

The second makeup is a vertical feathering of all three cold colors, from pink, through violet to purple. Here drew a line with pencil Urban Decay

In General, the Sukkah went the trend in bright palettes from last Christmas, and so it continues, they notably saddled his horse and get down with it, apparently, not collected.

And nothing, I miss the old delicate issues.

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