The arrows in fashion in any weather…ArtDeco High Precision Liquid Liner #01 Black

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I love the arrows and red lipstick, but today is not about the lipstick… today will be arrows, bright and bold.The arrow is capable of any makeup to raise to a new level, to add flavor, mystery… Yes, they can just be accent or everyday option.Only you can decide! And how can you draw such arrows I’ll just tell…

Graphic arrows I think will never go out of fashion, this is a classic.

I’ve tried a lot of eyeliners, because the arrows I love very much.I also love to draw them quickly and accurately.Unfortunately for this approach, not all products, especially under the point quickly. In principle, you can draw anything, if the hand is already Packed.And if not, then you should find a product that will help you in mastering this kind of makeup.

This liner from ArtDeco sometimes you have to live here to hunt, because the product is really high quality and very comfortable. It is a liner, but the liner is not normal.He has a little cool feature, namely his brush.This is a brush and not a tight end.

Very convenient format, especially for travel.When you do not want to carry a separate bottle of eye liner and a separate brush.It’s all in one product.Convenience.Quality.

ArtDeco High Precision Liquid Liner #01 Black

This product is easy to cope with any lines and curves of the century.

Want tenenkou the arrow? Here’s the thin…

Want more tightly and more drama? Generally easy…

Want graphics and creativity? No questions…

Look in the case?

The complete image.

Immediately eyes are bright, expressive.Even if makeup is generally made in neutral shades.Here I specifically highlighted the inner corner of the eyes, and the eyeliner stayed there the whole day and will not run away and not spread out, as is sometimes the case.

The second option.

The complete image.

Here is my usual way.Normal arrow.A classic shape.And eyes with this makeup look very cool.

Of iron pipes, at the moment this is my favorite.I like the packaging, I like the format and its ease of use.I like that it is not necessary to use an additional brush.She is always with me in the purse in case the evening I want to change the image and add a little Oriental gloss to the image.In this case, I recommend to have a dark or red lipstick. The transformation is huge. Office plankton to the fatal lady you provided.Durability is excellent, have endured the cold and heat, remove product.Allergies are not caused.

Rating: 5

Price: about 1200 rubles

Do you like arrow? Have a favorite eyeliner?

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