The Memory Of Alexandra Feodorovna. Flowers Empress

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Like sometimes I want to be transported to another time! In Petersburg, for the ball to count Potocki, where the burning of thousands of candles, so much so that as light as day. Candles, maybe a hundred rubles! Polka, Mazurka, Polonaise, waltz. The Cavaliers circling ladies light silk dresses and Parisian shoes. Handmade lace light haze cover wrists and ankles. The glitter of jewels and the ringing of glasses high. Champagne is very refreshing after the dance! Ice cream crystal cups and cakes with whipped cream.

Rustle of a fan, someone plays music and reads poetry here and there is heard the singing of the ladies in waiting of the Empress, which, of course, invited to the ball.

I couldn’t resist the wonderful retro boxes from the cosmetic factory “Freedom”. I love their hair “Ballet” with a series, it is always a great supply, with tens of tubes. As a hair mask it will give odds to any other.

Both boxes impressive size and made of very thick cardboard.In a similar quality when the Bank came the meteors Paradise.

The first thing we see opening the rectangular box, it’s a postcard. Close the font tells us about the manufacturer of creams for the hands to His Imperial Majesty. With the inside of the lid there is a short story about a Princess Alix, who became the last Empress of the Russian Empire, Alexandra Feodorovna. About how much she loved flowers, especially lilacs and lilies of the valley and a garden of culture, brought for the Empress still live in the historic parks of Tsarskoye Selo.

On the packaging of the figure, waxed cotton, Moscow, Russia, factory “Company prokhorovskaya Trekhgornij Manufactory”, was used for upholstery of furniture and walls in the Alexander Palace.

In a box of two hand creams in metal tubes with vintage labels — nourishing and moisturizing. The neck of each sealed, and the lid has a tab to remove foil.

Both of the creams are almost identical in texture. One that is nourishing and not greasy and leaves no film on the hands, with a strong fragrance. But it’s really nutritious! Skin is instantly hydrated and soft, no greasy (like baby cream or oil).

Moisturizer is a very similar texture, but with a less pronounced scent of lilac. Moisturizing and not oily, instantly absorbed! But for very dry hands I would take the nutrient, the one above.

When washing hands there is no feeling of slippery skin. Ugh. Use every day.

The weight of each hand cream 70 g


Rating: 5- a(small the moisture from one of the creams)

Price: about 400 rubles.

Responding to the love of the Empress to the flowers, the supplier of the Imperial court of the Moscow factory “T-vo Alphonse Rule To” not skimp on the production of cosmetic and perfumery novelties with floral aromas. Continuing the tradition of its founder, JSC “FREEDOM” to the 175th anniversary of the enterprise shall submit for your consideration the result of the skills of their soap-boiler.”

Round box reminiscent of the box with the powder that is on the table in a lavender boudoir ladies. Inside a paper nest is a pale pink soap with flower carved on top. The aroma of peony and sooo strong! He felt even through the closed box. While this fragrance is not similar to the smell of soap Nesti Dante, for example. He seemed to have stirred up some old memories of trips to grandma’s, which is carved in the closet among the towels kept stocks flower soap) I really love the aroma and its richness.

I did not use them, even as you do not want) But many times buying different soap factory — I have no doubt that it’s great. I have enough beauty vintage boxes, velvet scent of peony and the carved flower.


Soap weight: 130 g.

Rating: 5

Price: 250 RUB.

Very happy that a domestic manufacturer with such a rich history has produced something especially beautiful and pleasant. That reminded of the historical figures of our country. Wanted to read about facts and speculation, to review movies.

I hope the factory will produce more than one product dedicated to history.

Alexandra and Nicholas II

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