The New Mac. Studio Fix Sculpt and Shape Contour Palette and Studio Fix 24-hour Smooth Wear Concealer/Anti-Cernes

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Good day to all! I have prepared for you an impressive account of two novelties of a series of MAC Studio Fix. Once upon a time I had sustained a dense powder this series, and for me, it was an independent Foundation. Very opaque, giving a nice matte finish, very convenient compact format (the powder was a “double-Decker” with a mirror in the lid). Many years later I found it very interesting to go back to a series of Studio Fix.

Palette for contouring the face Sculpt and Studio Fix Sgape Contour Palette in the shade light/medium. Only two shades, the second a medium dark/dark

Very impressive, weight 14,4 g, without aroma (typical of WT). Made of very high-quality black plastic cover salakavala securely, but opens easily for the nails you should not worry. Full cover embedded good mirror.

Top row hiliter. No, not so — subtly-shimmering powder. If you are tired of unwanted Shine, sparkle, metallic Shine, which is visible at 100 yards, the dust is a real godsend. A few days ago I was idly thinking about what there is a world of harmony. Want a subtle highlight on the face, and it is necessary to be cautious with the brush and shake off the excess shimmers / highlighters, so as not to scatter a myriad of Iskor on the face. How big spangle a series of MAC Dazzle so imperceptible glow in this palette.

Three light color, which are absolutely weightless and barely illuminated, creating the effect of polished skin:

Emphasize — very light pearl shade without color, only highlights a specific area of the face.

Cream — the name accurately conveys the tone — creme brulee. Merges with pale skin, leaving a creamy glow.

Accentuate — Nude-peach shade, so it merges with the skin tone.

On the skin they differ only a hint of undertone:


Three shades of sculpturing powder:

Taupe — the brother of a wonderful and unforgettable NYX Taupe, purple cool grey, will create a natural shadow.

Sculpt — beige-gray with the addition of red, slightly warmer Taupe, lightly tanned skin.

Bone Beige — and here a pleasant surprise! For those who remember Armani’s Beige Violet 05 and longs for the shade, there this is! Beige-pink, light dusty rose! However, there are more wonderful MAC blush in the shade Cosmic Force and are making comparative photos below.

On the skin:


Compare blush:


All 6 shades spressovannyh good and absolutely no dust. What I liked is the fact that the shades sculptors medium pigmentation and they can not be put on the spot. One-touch brush is a light shade, it is necessary to strengthen — another tap. Stochasti the powder is great to contour.

Emphasize the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye Cream on my cheek.

Taupe under the cheekbones, as eye shadow to draw the crease, the Sculpt on the side surfaces of the forehead, under the chin, in the outer corner of the eye, bare Bone Beige “apples”:

Rating: 5+++Perfect delicate military, the excellent powder for sculpting, which do not set stains.

Price: 3500 RUB.

Studio Fix 24-hour Smooth Wear Concealer/Anti-Cernes in shade NC15

Shades of the concealer more than 20 and it is better to choose meticulously, with the help of a consultant.

Hero post a neutral light, without obvious yellow or Rosolini. But in the palette can be selected for any skin tone.


Already two years my favorite concealers NARS and change shades depending on the time of year. It seemed to me that more opaque could not be found. But no! The hero of the post and hide the bruises under the eyes, and the trace of the inflammation. Coverage will show up and on the tattoo)

Without flavor, the volume of 7 ml. Very soft and comfortable sponge with a pointed tip. Allows you to apply concealer in the corner of the eye pits, nose, spot on spots. The neck is not sticky! (NARS hopelessly soiled, although not flowing)

Dense, yet weightless. Does not dry the under eye area and does not clog the folds (though requires fixing powder). Spreads easily with brush or finger, without powder has a slightly moist finish and there is a care area around the eyes.

Eyes without concealer:

With the hero of the post:

Hit the resistance. If the NARS concealer is easy to wash micellar water, then WT should be a little more patient and drive with the same micellar water to be applied to the skin and hold for a few seconds. Quite annoying, this is payback for durability and immobility under the eyes throughout the day.

Rating: 5 perfectly hiding even dark elements on the skin, not dry, very persistent.

Price: 1650 RUB.

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