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Hello everybody ๐Ÿ˜˜

Do you use brushes when applying makeup? I still remember the days when Foundation was applied by hand, the shade of an ordinary sponge, but the lipstick just the mother or by the applicator stick. Even the makeup artist at my high school graduation I did the makeup without a single brush๐Ÿ˜

Now I just can’t imagine the process of creating make-up without custom brushes, which significantly facilitate the process and allow you to create different effects and textures.

Since I work as a makeup artist, my Arsenal of brushes is quite large. My hands are constantly reaching out for new brushes with the excuse that I have not, and are still useful in work)))

About Chinese Marche Zoreya I’ve heard a lot of positive reviews so long without thinking, ordered any of these.

The set came in a box with some bubble wrap inside. Brush (12 pieces!!) Packed in a leather tube, which in turn is placed in the case of paratopological material, which in itself is very stylish and already brings aesthetic pleasure. Also in the parcel was waiting for me a little gift from the brand pocket mirror with cheerful peasant๐Ÿ˜œ a Trifle, but nice) the mirror of good quality glass and not deforming the picture.

Also attached the brochure with the description of all brushes. The set that I liked, available in three colors: pink, black and white. Of course, I chose the pale pink option๐Ÿ˜‡ brush I Love this shade, plus my working room decorated in this colour.

Leather sheath was my old wishlist. When you go to make-up to the client, there is a need to carry brushes and makeup. Professional suitcase I can’t carry, it was too heavy in itself, and the machine I don’t have๐Ÿ˜ช Therefore, for the cosmetics I adapted a bag of the type of postulancy that husband brought me from England. As for brushes, I needed something rigid so that the pile will not be damaged.

That is why now I am very happy that I had such a handy thing)) the Tube is made of high quality soft leather.Zama, which is neatly stitched without a single protruding threads. Any unpleasant smell there was absolutely! It closes on two buttons of rose gold on both sides. On the front side embossed with the brand name “Zoreya”.

Now about the brushes. Without exception, all of the brush I loved it! The first time faced with the fact that not a single fiber does not fall out even after multiple cleanings (and my I very often, almost every day throughout the month).

All brushes were Packed in plastic (which I threw), and the large brush had these covers

Design just my ideal. Wooden handle pudra pink + clip in rose gold-tone. Brushes lie perfectly in the hand, nice feel and working with them is a pleasure. By the way, I thought, all the brushes are made of synthetic fibers. For me it’s just a plus))

eye shadow brushthe entire set

Let each beauty in order:

Large powder โ€” 18P – Brush

The large and fluffy brush. I use it exclusively for the poods. Through the softest fluffy villi she delicately gaining Padro (raspushku or compressed) and a thin layer of gentle moves on the skin. Every time using this brush, I imagine how soft paws furry cat stroking my face๐Ÿ˜Š strange… or I just love cats ๐Ÿ˜ป

Rating: 5

Foundation -12F-Brush

Classic flat brush for makeup. For a long time I have used this format for applying tone until I got a Kabuki brush or a sponge. But this brush from Zoreya forced me to return to the undeservedly forgotten flat brushes. Its advantage, in contrast to such flat brushes is that the hairs located the stair way, i.e., from shorter at the base, longer at apex. This trick allows you to avoid those “bands” and divorces. If I see that the client has smooth skin without visible peeling, acne scars and other textural issues, then use this brush to toned face. Or put her makeup base Pat on absolutely any skin type.

Rating: 5

Angled contour-12A-Brush

Fluffy beveled brush medium size, which can be applied to any dry texture: powder, blush, bronzer, sculptor and highlighter. In emergency situations with just this one brush I can make the correction of the face: first, to apply highlighter and then blush sculptor or bronzer at the end. Thus, moving from light to dark, we can use only one brush to apply three product. In this case, the makeup looks even more natural and harmonious, because deposited funds will be better stosowany between them.

Rating: 5

Duo Fibre-14D-Brush

I know that many don’t like Duo-fiber, and even understand why. Just one day someone suggested to cause this type of brush concealer, which was a huge mistake. If you can strike a similar tone with a brush, then I take off my hat to you)) However, if there are more suitable tools, I would not undertake to strike a tone Duo-fibre. This brush I have used and use for a creamy pigmented texture: cream correctors, sculptors, blush. It is most often for blush I take my razgovorova assistant. It is quite fluffy, soft to delicately dial vysokomehanizirovannoe heavy cream, but also moderately elastic to smudge pigment on the face. Obtained with the help of a super natural glow.

Rating: 5


Flat brush of medium size that I use for creamy textures: concealer, corrector, sculptor, cream shadows in the jars or dense shade, shade. If you need to disguise the bruises under the eyes, clean up podpolnuyu area with concealer or concealer, apply a cream shadow or base under the shadows, carefully sculpted nose, this brush to help you. It is painfully simple, but outrageously necessary. The villi are built on the same stair type, which avoids stripes or streaks when applied to funds.


Tapered Blending-7TB-Brush

Round shadow brush for shading shadows. Very soft and fluffy. It can help you to achieve the perfect shading, the transition of shades and the effect of “velvet eyes”. If in makeup, I focus on the eyes, first make them and then turn to the application of colors. In this case, I would need to be carefully effaced Foundation with a border of shadows, in what to me is of great help 7TB-Brush. She gently distributes the tone not obscuring the border of the transition of shadows.

Rating: 5

Large sheder-8S-Brush

Classic brush for applying shadows. It’s a bit larger than the standard brush for the same purpose. I usually tochuu creamy pencils when doing them from the substrate or the boundary of a cream eyeshadow, natural. It is soft, but at the same time the well trodden and elastic, and it is with these brushes I prefer to tosevite creamy texture. If you need a thin layer of cream shadow or a base for shadows, it is like no one else will help you to solve this problem.

Rating: 5

Angled Shading-6AS

Beveled brush for applying shadows. Usually, it’s the one I use for dry shadows, since it well catches the pigment and transfers it to the skin. The brush has a beveled edge, which is very convenient when placing the corner of your eye or the crease. If you use the diagonal technique in the application of eyeshadow, this brush is perfect for it.

Rating: 5


Round brush, close in form to the barrel. Very good and comfortable. I draw the lower eyelid, the inner lightens or darken the outer corners of the eyes. Sometimes I put this brush the highlighter on the tip of the nose and the area above the upper lip.

Rating: 5

Angled Brow-4A-Brash

Angled brush for the eyebrows. The brush has dense brush and, most importantly, quite a thin slice. For me, the eyebrow brush should be wide and fluffy on the cut, because clear lines with this brush you will never get, it will be difficult to control, and the risk to draw yourself too wide eyebrows. With the same brush Zoreya from everything is just perfect. It can help to draw the eyebrow shadows, sweet, podesavati pencil. The set has no liner brush, and I think that 4A-Brash could easily replace her.

Rating: 5

Brow and Lash-5BL-Brush

Many believe these brushes are useless, but not me))) I never throw brushes, brushes or even relatives puff some sets, because in the right hands they can be useful. With this brush I put brow gel to fix. Put some gel on a palette and then type it on the brush. In this case, it is a much more hygienic if you work as a makeup artist. For personal use this brush you can comb through lashes before applying mascara, then they will be more fluffy and separated. Or, this brush, you can apply godovoe oil for growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Rating: 5


Classic brush-petal lips. Dense and elastic fibers of this brush make it easy to apply any lip no bald spots, and the tapered tip is to get into the corners of her mouth. Good basic brush, with which you can smoothly apply lipstick or gloss.

Rating: 5

Overall rating of the set: 5!!!!!!!!!

Price: 1475ั€

For me only one conclusion โ€” I love this set. All the brushes I use with great pleasure. Aesthetic, cool functionality, high quality and low cost โ€” the undoubted advantages of Zoreya brushes from.

In the future I will continue to get acquainted with the brushes of this brand, and will tell you about these Dating you.

And what brushes do you use? It will be very interesting to discover new brands and interesting performance))))

My name is Natasha,

Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ’–

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