The tale of how I in serum for the growth of eyelashes believed. Cherish Lash Eyelash serum

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For a long time I doubted the effectiveness of such products. All were rescued castor oil… As I spent time! Why I haven’t tried?

Why Cherish Lash? The fact that this serum I found on the Internet any negative feedback. Exclusively enthusiasm. But it is not the only factor that influenced my choice.

I considered many options, same Kareprost. I was confused about the composition: the presence of hormones that promote the growth of eyelashes ingredients that reduce pressure in the eyes and contribute to the deterioration of vision, and many other “hazard”, potentially dangerous for health.

Unlike Cherish Lash — all natural, made mostly from plant extracts.

The serum there are contraindications, please pay attention to them.

Method of application is very simple. There is no need to apply the serum to the entire length of the lashes – only by lines of growth on the roots. Thin line. And that will be enough. Thanks to a convenient brush application process will resemble the process of applying gel eyeliner to the eyelids.

I applied the serum exclusively at night. No irritation, swelling never happened. The serum never got hit in the eye. For all time of all was fine.

The manufacturer stated that the first changes will be noticeable after a month of daily use. Maximum results are achieved after 2-3 months of daily use. I subscribe to every word. After the first month I noticed that the eyelashes are thicker, longer and darker. Not “wow”, but with effect from the same natural castor oil does not compare.

After 3 months the serum should be used 1-2 times a week to maintain results. By the way, the reviews I read that many girls literally got addicted to the serum so and had forgotten about mascara and eyelash extensions even more so.

Consumption. One serum will last about 3 months of daily use and use for 3 months once a week.

Brush the serum elastic, made of artificial cloth. In application is your one-stop. Gaining funds as long as necessary for application to the 1st century. Not dripping, not flowing. Everything is fine.

After exactly 3 months of daily use I got this result. A similar effect I got were from eyelash extensions.

Let’s compare? 1 photos To application. Photo 2 — after 3 months of daily use.

Important point! On lower lashes I applied the serum at all, but the visible effect is not spared them. Eyelashes become thicker, longer, darker, stronger! After 1 month of use I noticed that the eyelashes are falling out much less.

And then what? If you do not use a serum to maintain the effect, then, within 3 months naturally again lashes will change your normal. For a chic effect requires constant replenishment.

In General, we can say that the “wow” effect lasts about 4 months.

Really wanted to share this gorgeous find! If I buy the serum again? No, why. I have 2 pieces in stock 😊

3500₽цена10/10оценка1 year, 7R/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, without any problems

PS do you have similar heroes and boosters eyelash growth?

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