Time of autumn shades from Nyx Soft matte lip cream in shade Dubai 34

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I have a collection of more than 10 shades of this line of the brand Nyx. Not so long ago acquired one more sweet – Soft matte lip cream in the shade of Dubai 34.

These suits me everything from the fragrance, ending the effect and the degree of haze that they create on the lips. It’s not quite the dull clay finish and under-Mat. It is this middle ground, in my opinion. Here all the qualities are met, typical for this series – a pleasant sponge, the same finish, vanilla scent, firmness medium (coffee stand, but can podteretsa the mucous membrane, the lunch gone), my lips are not dry, but care don’t wait.

Easy to remove, the disc miceliari to help, the last time enrage lipstick that almost brush is necessary to scrub. Little surprises when applying-a little plesioth (seen on Swatch, I think), maybe to emphasize peeling, but in my opinion not too critical.

Will allow a small note, the most successful in drawing this line in terms of application-it’s bright shades such as Prague,Seoul, etc., in my opinion. Look at the lips closer.

All photos without retouching and when directional daylight. My rating of a 4 because of a problem in the application. And full image.

The price was about 350rub.

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