To get to the bottom! (C). Makeup a year later

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Greetings to all readers of cosmeticly! I think the old-timers of the site proshlogodniy remember my post in which I introduced you with the means of decorative cosmetics in my collection, which I used completely, or those whose start to look through the bottom.

Today I want to introduce you to new tools, which also began to gleam my bottom over the past year, and at the same time tell how now doing from heroes 🙂

Will mark at once that I do not attribute this is my post to that observed with the hashtag #projectpan. Yes, I am very interested in social networks to view photos and to read about it, but it is yourself to this I don’t join. I’ll show you the tools that I often use for myself, but I’m not looking to finish and, consequently, reduce your collection.

In your day-to-day makeup I can’t give up the eye makeup and skin tone, respectively, most often I end eye shadow/liner/base.

I will start with products for eye makeup.

  • Eyeshadow Essence I Love Nude in shade05 my favorite tauping.

When I bought these shadows (a long time), I thought to use them as nodoby shade for everyday eye makeup. But after reading a few reviews I decided to try as a sculptor for the face. Shade went perfectly, ended quickly, given that was used for the correction

  • Clarins Ombre Eyeshadow in shade09 Lavender tea.

A great everyday shade, resistant and well blend.

  • Chanel Les 4 ombres in shade 202 TISSÉ CAMÉLIA.

The top left shade is very beautiful, is used as the main routine, and the bottom right to darken.

  • The shadow for the eyebrows I liked the eyebrow styling kit in shade 02.

Great shadows, doing their job for 5+, in one of the two shades already there the bottom.

Continue the story with products for the face.

  • Essence mosaic blush in shade #10 miss floral coral

Great everyday blush, thanks to a variety of sectors the hue looks very beautiful and unusual.

  • Guerlain Parure de Nuit Pressed Powder & Blush

I bought this product as a highlighter, and eventually used as a blush, and after a color tone hands began to reach for it less and less. Last year, I somehow forgot to add it in the post 😕

Well, it will also show, for comparison, two products that a year ago was described, I’ll just show you how as it was a year later:

  • TheBalm Nude ‘dude

Two tone ended completely, and in third came the bottom. In General, now in a palette there are three shades that I use and over time will also end, but the rest, I think, will remain only slightly altered.

  • TheBalm Auto Balm Hawaii Face Palette

This palette, I think you still remember I recently asked you to help me find a gray shade. By the way I say, shades have proposed many and different firms, with a few I have met in the beauty shop, some rejected immediately, as a result, I bought one. 🙂

That is, in fact, all of my products, which showed its bottom over the past year. How do you cope with dry decorative cosmetics had ever dispersivity something completely, or because of the great diversity this is not expected?:) If you showed means in the same category ending, it would be more interesting 🙂

Thank you that read to the end 🙂

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