Tone Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation from Becca. Shade for the true snow white

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Today I want to share with you the opinion about the tonal remedy Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation – about which I, not thinking, not reading reviews, just grabbed at the opening of Sephora to get away quickly from this mess, but not empty-handed two hours in the queue (yeah, it sucks, I know…) should not have been in vain!

Let’s start in order, but not with tones, but with me)

My skin is very light, T-zone thick very quickly, the most painful point – the wings of the nose. Pores enlarged, strong inflammations, acne and other “charms” almost there, skin prone to redness. I sought out crisp tone that I could use its not the best of days, either on the evening of the event he was required durability and full coverage.

Now go through the celebrant.


The tube is more than a solid – solid, thick glass which makes the bottle is very heavy – it makes me neither heat nor cold, but for many it can be less.

A single plus is a pump. Direct squeezes the perfect amount of tone, clearly the same.

Overall appearance makes it clear that in the hands of you – not a cheap tool.


I want to emphasize this criterion as a separate item, because this means a very interesting flavor – the chocolate is sweet, but barely noticeable after application on the skin the scent disappears.


The tone is very thick and dense, if you like, as I do, you can apply a toner on the back of your hand, and then distribute it in the face, then you can wave his hands – if he moves it quite a bit.


With the flash it looks lighter than my skin,But in daylight the picture is different

But that’s what I did, grabbed the bottle and, without thinking, ran with her to the cashier – the ideal light color Linen. If I’m the leader of Whitey, that’s exactly from the home team the whites. I can recoat the entire store, but none of the tone did not suit me: it is dark, yellow and the lightest, as always, swept away from the shelves… Thanks for that Nars came to us — their tone, tint, Oslo – the dream light-skinned. That’s probably why he’s always sold out and I couldn’t catch him. Therefore, seeing the dense tone, and even in such a bright shade, I didn’t really think and just took it.

With external data figured out, now go through, so to speak, the performance characteristics of this tone))

We the manufacturer says:

Foundation full cover contains no oil, looks and feels weightless on the skin.
Sustained (up to 24 hours) and water resistant formula in 24 shades, from light to dark. The company BECCA has created the perfect shades of makeup for each skin potona: 24 tone, 24 hours stability – we know all about the perfect finish.
The waterproof formula is a completely balanced ratio close to skin tone pigment and 22% water, this tool adapts to all skin types and creates a perfect coverage, like a second skin. One drop funds easily conceals imperfections, redness, excess pigmentation and uneven skin texture.

Let’s start with the good.

A large range of colors is wonderful (not Fenty, of course, but enough and nothing more), even I, the most problematic people in terms of selecting the right shade, found himself the desired color.

On account of the fact that one drops the tone enough to cover any imperfection – I’m not lying! The tone is really very opaque, does not require after the additional ceiling imperfections with concealer.

Tattoo test)Single layer distributed with a sponge

Now is not very good:)

Full coverage is an understatement, very gently. I really do not like this phrase, but then not do without it – on the face of this cover looks plaster. Yes, I wrote that I wanted full coverage, but this I was a little not ready))

Caused facial on the floorCloser — side without toneWith tone (Your cap)

In the drawing, the tone is very strange, a direct begging of the word “Dry”, not pliable. To apply, as written in the instructions, only well hydrated skin. But even in this case, the shading is a bit heavy.

The face I have, but something tells me that if they were, the tone would necessarily stressed but it’s not exactly

After the holiday tone drop lightish

The tone is very thick, viscous and VERY fast freezing – a bit sluggish and all have all means to spread the strip of tone in the face. Plus, such a thick texture that does not want to be friends with a sponge from RT. Not arguing that it’s a case of hands growing not from where it should, but I absolutely can not allocate the tone with a sponge – it sticks, poorly distributed and, in the end, it’s drying on the skin. For me the only tolerable method of application of this tone – brush from Zoeva 102, that’s it, he listens.

And most importantly. Despite the density of this tone, despite the promised 24 hours, my T-zone thick 3-4 hours and tone it starts to get little spots. And all this given that I fix it loose powder from Marc Jacobs. The only one who saves me is the All Nighter spray from UD – it somehow stops the escape tone, my nose.

Summary: it really is incredibly opaque and dense tone, it is not surprising that on the face it looks masochki. Perhaps I would recommend it, if you really have something to hide — so for this task he manages to “cheers”, but to work with him should direct very quickly. Unfortunately, my favorite, he did not — despite the promised 24 durability, my face it leaves very quickly 🙁

Volume: 30 ml.


The price without discount in our Sephora: 2990 RUB.

Rating: 4. For light color, full coverage problems and view the photo.

Large range of colors;
Beautiful packaging;
Covers on 5+, the concealer can not be used;
Looks good in the photo.Hard Blendable;
Please be prepared to do FULL overlap — for some it might be disadvantage;
I’m not persistent, unfortunately:(

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