Two shades of a Very soft Pro Eyeshadow matte and Mauve tone 14 tone 15 Taupe

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Shadows that are suitable for everyday makeup, sculpting the century, and even for eyebrows. The real workhorses in the purse.

I really like the shade of this line, was Very pleased both matte and satin. Today I will show you two basic matte shade that will be useful in any cosmetic bag. I chose them for darkening the crease and blending, and as such, they are perfect, but they have found a different use. For example, if you put 14 shade all over the eyelid, then darken the crease 15 will get option “makeup without makeup” or the sculpturing of the century. Separately 15 shade looks good for the application solo, it’s gentle and light day make-up. In addition, these shades can be used for eyebrows. It turned out that the two simple base shade found a lot of applications. Today’s heroes post is Very Pro Eyeshadow matte and Mauve tone 14 tone 15 Taupe.

Shade 14 pink-mauve, 15 — brown-purple. They have little contrast between them, so the makeup form imperceptible transitions.

Textra shadows are very good, they have a fine grind, but a little dust. Pigmentation at a high level. From the first touch, the shadows convey the color of the century and evenly distributed, shade too once or twice. Such good quality matte texture lately come across to me is that Too Faced, but the price category of these producers differ in tens times. I think these shadows I am Very pleased with its quality not inferior to Lux. Enjoy them very nice, so they are trouble-free to apply. Applications are many, as I wrote in an earlier post, really a workhorse. On the basis of hanging in there all day.

On a movable century 14, in the crease and on the brow 15.On the eyelid and on the eyebrow 15.On the eyelid and on the eyebrow 15.

Price — 170 p. each.

Rating is 5 each.

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