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I think many are familiar with the glosses from Dior! I’m really tried of only 1 shade from this line, but in the future certainly want to buy something from this collection.


Price 2270 R. no discount

The volume is 6.5 ml.

Manufacturing France



I think she needs no introduction, but I will write a few words. Sold this product in a holographic silver box. Sooo beautiful design! Honestly, not looking for the beauty of the packaging itself, I care what’s inside. But holding hands in the makeup of this class, I feel much more confident yourself.

The box in which the product is soldInformation part

The glitter is encased in a transparent plastic bottle, the lid with silver buttons and engraved CD.

The brush is very comfortable! Hairs do not fall out, well gaining product and gives it as necessary.

Shade No. 653 Sequins.

Did not choose bright color evening makeup, which will highlight the eyes. And further, to carry the day.

The peach tint, translucent. Very beautiful, delicately shimmering. In the bottle it looks more saturated, and the skin is much lighter. Has small sequins, but they are not felt on the lips.

In the photo it looks darker than in real life. With artificial lighting, too, but in the sun it seems translucent.


The artificial lightingIn the sun by the window


As I said, perfectly applied it with a brush from the bottle. Fits perfectly! Lips very nicely emphasizes. Seen slightly peach tone and shimmer of course.


Like all glosses, it lasts no more than 3 hours and then the gloss fades. But I won’t say that is bad, just absorbed into the lips. If you long to go and not to improve then to slide on corners, for this you need to follow. And I have no complaints, it’s shiny, and they are not long-lived, but beautiful!

Effect of filler properties

There! You do not need any conditioners, like here with him a day and lips become very saturated.

General impressions from use

Very comfortable, hands drawn most often to it during the daytime makeup, although bought on the evening)

Versatile as you wanted!

I found no cons for yourself, except for one detail with corners, long-term wear.

But the pros are:

  • It’s packaging is beautiful for the soul.
  • Body properties — a good alternative to a balm.
  • A beautiful palette of colors. All are very beautiful!
  • A convenient brush.
  • The bottle does not leak.
  • For loop not running.
  • Falls flat.
  • Does not flow into the folds.
  • Not sticky.

… And now, I will show it on their lips……………………………………………….

With artificial lighting in the room.A day in the back of the room gets sunlightin the Afternoon in the back of the room, sunlightphoto, cosmetic only Shine

I liked this product, despite its high cost, it justifies it!

Rating 5 –to be honest to judge. ( Something that can roll on corners, if it does not refresh in a few hours).


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