Velvet lipstick Cosmetics from Kylie in two beautiful shades. Beautiful and comfortable

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Hello everyone!

When I ordered my first matte lipstick from Cosmetics Kylie I was thrilled — the texture, the colors, the design. Since then it’s been more than two years, a lot more comfortable textures and equally attractive shades from other cosmetic companies. But Kylie is in her Arsenal appeared velvet liquid lipstick.

In this post, I just about them and tell you — Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Liquid Lipstick in shades Bye Boy and Low Key.

When we talk about lipsticks from Kylie Jenner, to mind her popular sets (Lip Kit) consisting of lipstick, and pencil. But these shades — Boy Bye and Low Key are both “odnushki” i.e., without pencil.

The price of each lipstick: 16 $

Volume: 3 gr


Each lipstick is packaged in a black cardboard box with a glossy that says “Kylie”.

The top of each box marked with the name of the shade.

Vial of lipstick is heavy, made of thick plastic. Quality packaging, despite the fact that my many of my lipsticks from Cosmetics Kylie for more than two, the packaging looks as new, the bottles practically do not scratch on other objects, the inscriptions are not erased.

Cover is equipped with a standard applicator with a sponge, beveled shape. It is small and udobno to use. The problems with applying lipstick does not occur.


Both lipsticks have rich pigment, go on the lips evenly. Not “plesivec” and do not roll down.

The lipstick on application is reminiscent of Matt, but like does not dry out and “shrunk” to the end is slight damp sheen that goes into satin.


Top — Low Key

Below — Boy Bye

BoyBye — my favorite shade of lipstick in General at the moment.

The manufacturer describes it as mauve. So.

That’s how it looks on the lips:

Low Key — I like much less, he is too Ludowy. I love “Nude” but darker. However, the tone is still very beautiful, a kind Persik is.

The manufacturer describes it as a warm pink with kollarova notes. For me Low Key — a real peach “Nude”.

Both lipsticks feel comfortable to wear. The lipstick sticks to the lips, smooth a thin layer tightens and dries the lips, not hammered into wrinkles and emphasizes them as dry matte texture. Even slight moisture is present.

The lipstick is pretty long-lasting — tea, coffee stand, and eating anymore. Circles leave traces but not looking for any less intense.


Beautiful, comfortable and convenient. Definitely going to add to their collection corduroy “one-room” from Joelle Cosmetics.

Put 5 out of 5

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