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About the Viseart shadows I heard a long time ago. But the price bite, samples I’ve seen are huge and somehow did not dare, and she saw little and thought, why not, the price of a little much lower (and if not, then look on another site))), of the Suite, you can try.

Variants of shadows-sixes is not very much, presented a lot of brown and/or warm shades, so I settled on a suitable I purple tones in the palette Amethyst IV.

The palette is in a cardboard box. Recess for fingers is too small, even with short nails get harder to shake. Fortunately, this is done without labor, and without the risk to break the shadows. The palette itself has a tail for opening (if it were long, it would be possible to extract the palette out of the box, it would be more convenient).

Cardboard is very pleasant to the touch, a matte-coated, but it is immediately stay light scratches. They can wipe out or buff out, but then they left again. In the photo it is they, not the dust or the remains of shadows.

Takes place in such a structure. I like to use mirrors in palettes, but then forget: it is small and uncomfortable, I even peel off the film from him did not. The shade is covered with a protective plastic, I left it and I use because the palette is still dirty from the shadows, as though far away everything is not posted.

Palette magnetic, Reily get without any problems — you can move them to your palette, or replace with other suitable size, there’s what your heart desires.

The selection of colors in the palette I was not too pleased at first, because, once again, be beige-brown in the color palette. Three-on-three worked, but it was not so simple. I can say that the palette of pink and purple.

It has three matte colors and three shimmery is a great idea to experience the brand, because the big palettes or semernya, or matte, and then not clear what to buy.

I can say that the colors chameleone. The same matte can seem almost beige-brown, and generally have a clear rotovisco (much clearer and colder than in the UD Naked3, for example), which may come to the fore. And the dark matte color can go to Bordeaux, maybe in a dirty and expressionless plum.

All matte shades are not deaf, have a slight satin sheen they can “buff out” on the smooth skin, so to speak.

All himernye able to create the effect of wet century.

Color from light to dark I would describe as:

  • matte: pink beige (good for shading, but not in the color of the skin never); brown plum (covered a little warmer); Burgundy-purple (warm, not the color of eggplant);
  • himernye: light pink (rather cold, but without ice and low tide); the lukewarm brown-pink with silver shimmer and a small amount of silver sparks; violet intense, which has a slightly warm base and cold purple tide.

Pigmentation. It is worth mentioning separately, because I have often seen the opinion that the shadows are perfectly pigmented, and I absolutely disagree. For the pigmentation I would have been scolded another palette, so I have to criticize this one.

First, the shadows is very good ot hardened, they are solid. Venus is not much harder than lime Crime, but it is much harder than shadow Anastasia. Brush on in one motion at the dial.

Secondly, the pigmentation is low. Usually Swatch with your fingers always turn out very bright, even on bare skin here not so. Semernya — right smear bright, and matte. But the shadows are so well layered that even I as a great lover is to make the process a pleasure, not an inconvenience. It is no problem and database layering to the color that refile.

Here, for example, the shadows on the fingers typed very greasy (had to order to mess with them). A Swatch on bare skin so so.

Feather and application. At first feather I would call divine, but it turned out that I used a very convenient base and a great brush, now I feather call is just great. But lower scores she doesn’t deserve.

Of course, the most whimsical matte Burgundy-purple, but even it is significantly better than colleagues of the same color palettes from other brands.

Also, the shading depends on base, if it is sticky, all is not so simple. For those who don’t use the base palette is just perfect, because the best shadow shade on the bare skin, where the makeup can be done in a few moves.

Apply shadows can be anything, but if I need a bright color shimmery in the shadows, it comes to layering or add a finger.

Dust shadows minimal, we can say do not raise dust (lime Crime and Anastasia in comparison with them the layer of dust), but simmeria can slightly crumble with the brush when applying. The drop, but it would be so nice if they didn’t.)

Resistance — a complex question. Shadows do not roll down is a huge plus. Even on my oily eyelids without a base they can easily live five hours (not tried longer), on the basis of (any) I can safely wear makeup, any amount of time.

Just five hours without base (light electric).

But the shadows are lighter. For example, on this swatches I show a combination of matte and shimmery shadow, they go together just fine. On the basis of.

But here is the same Swatch after 29 minutes. As you can see, shimmery smear has become, rather, in the wet effect. Despite the fact that the hand is not particularly active (sitting at the computer), clothes with short sleeves, never clung switchme. (At the same time, you can begin to evaluate hellenistisch.)

I have a feeling that the bottom layer of the shadows are always perfectly bonded to the skin or base and the like is absorbed (residues Swatch I was washing in the shower, just fingers to wipe), but anything above that — escapes.

The same eyes, has no base.

It took about an hour. It is seen that the color became lighter, and even got a hole in the shadows, eyes were watering, tears I haven’t washed, but wet a finger at lash.

Then all the Swatch was done on the base. Many are made on different days and even months, with varying degrees of tan.

I did a bunch of comparative swatches. Here is the most similar whole palette

Dior 5 Couleurs High Fidelity Colours & Effects Eyeshadow Palette #157 Magnify.

I will continue to compare with separate shadows from different palettes and not only. The range will show in the photo.

The lightest matte (photo signed by all the shadows, except for characters of the post).

Medium matte.

Most dark. It was hard to layer the brush, but look how cute he is when he zapolirovan.)

Lightest shimmery.

Beige-pink shimmery.

The darkest shimmery.

Here I only used the middle matte and shimmery color, in this case, the makeup is obtained as the minimum of beige and pink.

At the macro shows that shimmery shade (medium) has a separate spark (especially when applied with a brush), except that a smooth coating. By the way, smooth color as Swatch, will only smooth the skin of the eyelids, on my uniform metallic does not work even with your fingers.

Here’s a little of everything: in the area shimmery bright, crease — two matte (dark and medium, light is not used), shimmer beige brown (medium). And Yes, sparkles under the eyes — the shedding when applied to a flat brush.

But the same thing in 15 hours on the basis of the Nars (with electric light). Layer shimmer left, only the so-called “wet eyelid”, Matt is very much lightened. Yes, it’s 15 hours. But it’s Nars after all.

Here I used the darkest color shimmery for the basics, nothing advanced, not restorefile, layering to brightness had 4 layers (in reality it was brighter, but somehow the colors in the photo are eaten). On a movable century is the brightest shimmery. (And for fans to secure the base: I usually don’t, because for me it’s a minus resistance. But Nars is quite sticky, decided to ease feather and secured with a transparent powder. After 8 hours eyes were bright stripe of dark shadows and absolutely ran good progress, there are still some sparks, even to the wet century, all this does not hold.)

Well, finally I with a hodgepodge of four (without the dark) colors on the eyes.))

(No, I don’t have a dark tone, just tanned face, which only highlighter.)

So, to sum up: I will not individually reduce the pros and cons, it’s all there in the post. The palette of the perfect can not name (if not brightened the shadow on the eyelids, could))). I think she will behave better on normal to dry eyelids, I have very oily, this is my eternal problem.

But I got a versatile and unique piece:

  • I don’t like the shading of beige and brown, but okolonosovykh — love;
  • much colder palette Naked 3, which I don’t use often it is because of the heat. However, it does not go into the icy purple and gray that will allow you to use it many;
  • despite the fact that I prefer much more the high pigmentation and don’t like layering, with these shadows layering goes by so fast that I end up doing makeup much faster than loved the lime Krymom, for example;
  • for me (Oh God!) no unnecessary colors in the palette;
  • I’m sure in its durability (Yes, the shadows brighten, but not rolled and will not come off spots, will look great all the time), although the transformation of bright shimmer in the moist radiance does not appeal to me;
  • palette I have a month and a half, and I use it all the time. Hand to it not just stretches, I smack their hands, not to be painted only her, combine it with other shadows, and when I use something, it does not fit, and forced to wait, experience not pain, but discomfort));
  • with all my range of shadows and huge palettes I have not found a brace for a single color.

And anyway, I caught myself thinking that if I didn’t have so many different shadows now, I would have had to purchase several large charts mark (Matt, shimmery, satin), and then to buy only the shadow of Tammy, because of her unique products are all the same.)

Yeah, I’m going to buy shadow of the brand in the future. Want a great matte palette, because, perhaps for the first time I meet a brand that has completely cold palette, and see the satin/shimmer.


Weight: 12 grams.

Price: 40 £.

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