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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — autumn collection Midnight Skies from Givenchy, and inspired by the famous dress of Audrey Hepburn created by Hubert de Givenchy. A Quartet of shadows, leather, glitter eyelashes red hue, lipstick oil of black rose and the perfect Burgundy nail Polish — want!

Lips the shade of ripe cherry, cobalt, emerald green and wine shade on the eyelids, shiny metal texture on the cheeks — this fall makeup should be glamorous, says Christie’s Leg, national makeup artist of Givenchy in North America.

The face of the collection — top model Blanca Padilla

The new collection of makeup from couture Midnight Skies there’s everything to create the autumn look. The star product line became a four-color palette of sustainable eyeshadow Prisme Quatuor Midnight Skies (3 800 rubles). All shades include ground into dust sequins — a new kind of mother-of-pearl, which was first used in Givenchy.

Familiar to fans of the brand four this season wearing a stylish leather case. And inside — silver, green, chocolate and of course the iconic color for the fashion house red. The shade is heavily pigmented, but well-shaded and when applying unpretentious, and that’s why inside two useless applicators, remains a mystery…

In the collection you will also find a new version of the famous Rouge’interdit (2 395 rubles) in the red shade with the addition of mother of pearl. The tool can compare with a dress that fits perfectly, it is cozy and comfortable. Oil is the black rose, nourishes and soothes the lips, providing easy application.

Mascara Noir’interdit (2 445 rubles) with a brush comb, which is bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the left in an unusual dark red metallic shade with a purple undertone.

The collection also contains one very interesting new product. Encre Cils and (2 085 rubles) at first glance may seem ordinary red lip gloss, but really it’s the coating of the eyelashes. Apply it over black mascara on the tips or along the entire length, the shade is not printed on the eyelids and is kept very firmly.

To complete the image of Nicolas dezhen, creative Director of makeup, advises liquid eyeliner Liner Vynyl (2 305 rubles) with a handy thin brush. Color — again, red.

And don’t forget about the manicure. Nail Polish Le Vernis (1 800 rubles) came in a classic red shade with added black mother of pearl.

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