Wet n Wild Megaglo Dual-Ended Constour Stick Light/Medium

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I have so interesting relations with bronzini/sculptors. I use “courses”, apparently, according to the mood. It may be that every day for several months bronzer/sculptor is my daily order item in makeup. And maybe so many weeks I did not use it.

In General, this fellow was bought in a rush a new ideal of the sculptor 😄

The price and sort of saying that not rigid. I wanted it sulphoraphane means for natural shade.

On the box the next instruction at “war paint”.

Inside bilateral stick. On the one hand with the round end of a sculptor.

On the other — the pointed concealer/vysvetleni.

None of the products no shimmer. Both creamy and dense. But easy to apply. Easily distributed and shade. I’m not a fan of cream products, I dry easier. But in this case no difficulty with drawing no.

There are issues with the tint. As always, with light. I do not understand. Well, it seems he is positioned as it vysvetleni, not the highlighter I highlighter was, the benefits would be greater.

Will show the first Swatch.

And first praise the sculptor. A hint of a sculptor I am very happy! Very natural cool shade, but not red/blue/fioletovoe or how there like. Natural shade slightly saharnoy the shadows.

But the bright. He has some blue note is present, when you feather it just to zero out, or attached to some cool shade. If he leveled tone concealer — OK, and so, some highlights no alignment no. Came — left. Well, OK. And he’s a more mealy’ll show you not very presentable picture. I repeated “war paint” 😀 Here you can see that it is like some kind of putty. In the end the shade as any gives, not brightens.

The highlight not him, if that.

Before and after.

But a sculptor I am very, very happy. In the first place, hue. Lately tired of all these red bronzer. Few have the real color of the sun this is what we show producers. I don’t want grey or purple sculptor, but I want something realistic, natural. I think this product is a great tool for this.

Lasts all day, so just a few hours. Top always powder is a colorless powder for a matte and durability.

Price: 300 rubles (4G)

Conclusion: throw the first part (vysvetleni) and buy a dozen for the second part of the sculptor 😅

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