You are beautiful in the red or two red lipsticks from Lancôme

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Good day, girls! This post I wanted to write for a long time, but somehow hands did not reach: it was not the time, it appeared a new product about which wanted to tell. A pity — because lipstick is great! More precisely, one excellent and one.🙀.

Anyone interested is welcome!

I’ll start, perhaps, with the common characteristics. Despite the fact that the different lipsticks — one matte, and the second cream, the packaging and fragrance they are completely identical, as only one line.

Both lipsticks are in the black, stylish box, the lipsticks are opener clich&open, i.e., in order to open the box you need to click on the logo of the brand rose on the lid and the lipstick opens. The case is very high quality, for long enough wearing it in the bag, nothing happened. The view is so presentable.

Click on this rosette.

Both are quite active, signature scent of Lancome lipsticks. In my eyes, the smell of lipstick still my mother, I’m very impressed.

Cream-lipstick Lancôme Labsolu Rouge cream No. 66 Orange sacree

This orange beauty is representative of the cream line, I agree with that. In my opinion she is also mother of pearl, I’m not fond of such finish. Did the approaches to it repeatedly, very much liked the view from it, but the finish… not For everybody. But in the end I gave up).

Hard to photograph this color.

~ Shade the lipstick is very beautiful. Sometimes it’s orange, sometimes becoming more beige, and sometimes gives a slightly coral depending on the lighting. And yet it got a lot of very fine shimmer, it is so small that it’s difficult to say what sort of shades, but there’s definitely a silver and gold.

Direct sunlight at the window.Daylight at the window.All photos daylight by the window.

~ The texture is nice and creamy. Easy, but not always evenly — you need to layer, lies capriciously, for her well-groomed lips. Happy to highlight all the peeling and dryness. Desirable liner, can escape. Can flow into the folds. In General — a lot of “may”.

~ The durability of the lipstick is standard for this texture — 2 hours, will not stand a Cup of coffee and a snack. Leaves the lips beautifully, layering.

But no matter what I love this lipstick — it suits me, it does not dry lips, perhaps even moisturizing. Are comfortable with it.

Rating: 4 –

Price: 1900 RUB (max. discount)

Matte lipstick Lancôme Labsolu Rouge Matt No. 184 Magique

The lipstick I bought specifically for the little black dress). They are good friends.

~ Shade the lipstick is a beautiful warm red. In my opinion — the perfect companion for evening makeup. Despite the fact that in the photo she does not look very bright, in life, believe me — it is not.

The sun at the window.Daylight at the window.

~ Texture. This lipstick is too creamy, there that not talking about opacity. Yes, it is more velvety, less creamy, more pigmented, but still very pliable. It turned out great, lies is also very good. Keeps excellent contour. Does not flow into the folds, not accentuate dryness a small.

Daylight at the window.Took a little into the room, on the window.

~ The durability of the lipstick is great! This is a lipstick which can be worn on the buffet, it’ll survive a light dinner and drinks. The upper layer descends and remains pigment which looks very decent. Without food, high test, 4 hours — everything is fine.

~ Slightly dry lips, but nothing critical.

Not the most informative photo, but it is fashionable to see it looks like lipstick in General.

Rating: 5

Price: 1900 RUB (with max discount).

Summing up: no matter what, very happy with the lipsticks of the brand, this lipstick is a classic. Especially red lipsticks by Lancome. The first lipstick is not for everybody, the second to recommend the girls of a warm color type.

Thank you for your attention


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