YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Leather-Matte Lipstick # 17 edge of beauty and perfection

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Good day, lovely readers!

Before the new year time is less and less, and the festive mood more and more as we observe the beautiful novelties that delight us brands.

I was lucky to be part of this extravaganza and want to show you a wonderful new beautiful creation of the house of Yves Saint Laurent.

I’m familiar with their makeup and do not cease to recommend to the Foundation and the lightest concealer, and now lipstick.

Before I was not paying close attention, and as it turns out absolutely nothing, I was stupid and are going to fill the gap in your beauty conscious.

New lipstick, which was released quite recently, it looks very unusual, I can say that this form be my first time, and when I took it in hand and began to twist the stick, I feel like I solve some kind of mystery from the books of Dan brown and I have to find the mysterious character in this slim case.

Let’s look at the packaging: it as always on top, with a glossy gold contrasts with the matte black. The logo has already become an established classic, proves to us that in the world there are things eternal.

Myself lipstick delicate, but at the same time tightly and firmly seated in the case, when applied to the lips stick are not overwritten on the housing wall, without leaving notches.

Sharp edges for flawless application.… but really it is, even for such Krivoruchko, like me. I don’t even correct her with a brush. In this respect, it pleased me.

This shade is number 17 — it is the color for everyday wear, quiet, which fits any mood.

As for the specifications?

First of all I want lipstick well applied even on unprepared lips, because really I have no desire constantly to appease their balms, oils and scrubs. Want lipstick comfort in terms of the lack of dryness throughout the day. Also there is a normal desire that the lipstick was not going at the junction of the lips or else white stripes.

Everything I listed lipstick that performs, in my opinion, just perfectly.

Here the condition of my lips at the moment.

Most often I put the lipstick in a thin layer and barely step on the pad of your finger to a bit of her drive and sit on lips. I can’t wear lipstick dense layer of personal preference I’m not comfortable.

With this coverage in one thin layer of lipstick lies like this:

I have a sneaking thought that her lips almost invisible. I like a light coating.

But when applied in two layers a denser coating is obtained, but also, in my opinion, was beautiful

Tightly completely matte, I can’t call her at all his desire, because it seems to me with a hint of cream and a small percentage.

It is matte when applied, it smoothly glides on lips, and with a characteristic difficulty which is peculiar to such textures.

When I have a long conversation, the lipstick is not going to the white stripes, is in this respect perfectly.

She has average durability, half of my day this lipstick is on the lips, and then gently out, turning the lips into dried apricots.

After using it I don’t apply lip balm, because I just have no need for that and by the way before applying lipstick, I also do not use.

With this lipstick I don’t need a liner, because it doesn’t spread and run over the contour of the lips.

Perfume active as such it has no, but my nose picks up a pleasant sweet notes of light when I open the lid of the lipstick.

As part of testing I tried to eat and drink coffee, when lipstick on the lips.

I can say that on the mug, it will be stamped, so I am going to stick to the opinion that before the bite lipstick is better off with a napkin.

To remove this lipstick, I have enough micellar water, and on the lips is not even a light pigment.

I am very pleased with this lipstick, it’s great in all senses, I can meet you now with liquid lipsticks, I hope they quality is also excellent.

The box is composed of:

Volume: 2.2 grams.

The cost without the discount about 2,900, and approximately 2,200 thousand.

Buy in the official online store of the brand in the free market, it will appear only in February 2019.

Assessment of 5 points.

Term of use: more than 14 times.

Thank you very much for your attention)

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