10 celebrities about why they don’t care about cellulite

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Ashley Graham

More recently each photo the stars in swimsuit, which was a visible “orange peel”, stretch marks or folds on the abdomen, caused a storm of indignation. However, times have changed, and models and Actresses now one after another join the ranks of bodypositive. Due to the movement based on respect and acceptance of both your own and someone else’s appearance, more people do not consider cellulite as a glaring deficiency. Now instead of running on liposuction or to get rid of it with costly (often of dubious quality) creams, girls think the “orange peel” norm (in the end, 93 percent of women regardless of their age and weight, have cellulite). Recall Kim Kardashian, who was in hysterics after the publication of those “honest” photos without retouching and argued that cellulite she “drew”. Other celebrities are not waiting paparazzi lie in wait for them somewhere in the bushes, photograph and sell the “compromising” footage, and do publish in social networks photos. SPLETNIK.RU collected photos of Western celebrities who are not shy not a single bump on his body and calls us to do the same.

Ashley Graham

Think about bodypositive — from introducing Ashley Graham. Model plus-size proudly shows her cellulite and on fashion photo shoots for a glossy magazine, and just on the beach.

Make yourself and mom helped me. I first discovered on his body the signs of cellulite when I was in middle school. I ran to mom and said, “Look, that’s disgusting!” However, she just rolled her eyes, took off his pants and said, “Look, I have it too, what?” My mother supported me and kept my self esteem down.

By the way, the author of the book “New pattern: what is the confidence, beauty and power, actually” do not zasluzivaet your skin on the thighs and buttocks (this sin many stars), and refuses to retouch. Moreover, the highest paid model plus size prohibits photoshop their pictures in glossy magazines. “I am what I am, no need to make me thin!” — proudly declares Graham.

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Demi Lovato

Singer promotes the idea of bodypositive to the masses for many years. Not to be unfounded, it is easy to publish in Instagram photo, which shows the stretch marks and cellulite, admitting they are in love.

I have no gap between the thighs, but I still love myself. I have cellulite like most women. What you see in social networks, does not always coincide with real life. Let’s take your body — wrote demi Lovato under one of the frames.

Hunter McGrady

One of the participants of the special issue of Sports Illustrated, fat hunter McGrady, believes the prefix plus-size form of discrimination and requires that its called the “model forms”. The star wants women stopped shy of its features, whether it’s cellulite, stretch marks or acne.

I wear clothes of the 16th size. And I’m here to say that it is beautiful. Why are we so worried if, God forbid, we have a fat belly, cellulite or stretch marks? This is the normal human things that are inherent to each. I just don’t understand why society assures us that it’s flawed and they need to go.

Gabi Gregg

Gabi Gregg — designer “faccini” for girls with magnificent forms that they want and love to wear bikinis, brand Ambassador of swimwear Swimsuits For All and the blogger. The girl said that the only way to disrupt the established for some 50 years, the tradition of taboo cellulite is to start to talk about it and show it. She posted in the Instagram video, which demonstrated how lighting affects what you eventually see in social networks.

Recall, cellulite is normal, nothing to be ashamed of. A lot depends on the lighting! Let’s see how the bumps literally disappear when I come out of the shadows.

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Iskra Lawrence

The model, known to many in the advertising campaigns for the lingerie brand Aerie, a few years ago launched the site Runway Riot, which began to attract public attention to the problem of discrimination against fat women. Like other stars of our collection, she is a fierce opponent of retouching.

I always ask the editors not to make my arms thinner, thighs smaller, skin unrealistically smooth, like a doll, do not remove cellulite. In the photo I have to look the same as in life. We’ve all been cheated by society, betrayed by the magazines, the pages of which appeared the retouched images. But it is nature!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff also often speaks about his attitude to his own imperfect body and its acceptance.

Publish this record to all young girls, women and mothers of all ages. Now I’m enjoying a vacation with his son after a long shoot, during which they were away from him for a long time. Sites and magazines love to share shots of the star drawbacks, so here goes: I have them! Five years ago, the body gave me the greatest gift of my life, my son Luca. Ladies, let’s be proud of what we have and stop wasting precious time to reinvent yourself. You guys (you know who I’m talking about), know how to spoil a good mood, because you bodyshaper.

Kelly Rowland

Before, I was very embarrassed about the cellulite and stretch marks on thighs. When I was on vacation, the paparazzi put my picture where you could see the “orange peel”, the headlines to articles about me were horrible. The case has forced me to reconsider the attitude to my body, and I decided to publish this shot, she said in an interview with Shape.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham releases a weekly newsletter Lenny Letter to feminist issues involved in photo shoots promoting the idea of bodypositive, and his whole appearance said: “I don’t care what my appearance constantly evaluate and criticize!” So, the actress with colleagues on the series “Girls” appeared on the cover of American Glamour, posing in short shorts and showing off cellulite.

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Today, this body on the cover of the magazine which will be read by millions of women, my thigh without photoshop in its full imperfection exposed. Do you agree with my politics on my show, or are connected with the fact that I do doesn’t matter. My body is not the object of persecution. No one’s body no matter what the size, color, gender. In modern culture there is a place for all of us, and we can be considered beautiful.

Have Jamila Jamil

The Creator of the blog i_weigh and TV presenter was Jamila Jamil believes that girls need to be assessed only according to their talents and abilities, not according to how much they weigh.

You don’t tell your friend that she will be funnier or smarter or better if I lose weight? You also can’t tell her that she doesn’t deserve love or happiness because she has cellulite or wrinkles. You can’t tell her that all her achievements are in vain when she has extra inches on the hips. Then why do you all say to yourself?

Paris Jackson

In an interview with 2017 Jackson explained how despite the strict (and, frankly, unrealistic) standards of beauty in the fashion industry, she was able to become a model.

I have a disproportionate body, I do not wear clothes of size zero, eating scones and endless amounts of pizza. Sometimes I don’t fit into any dress at a fitting before the show, I have scars, stretch marks, acne and cellulite. But I am a person, not a doll. I resent the fact that we are all supposed to conform to standards of beauty. This is ridiculous and outrageous, because the concept of “perfection” to each his own.

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