1004 Laboratory Bifida Hexa Layer Fermentation Essence

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For the most demanding skin

Probiotics and prebiotics in cosmetics are becoming more and more welcome, already for anybody not a secret that a healthy skin microflora is one of the main conditions of preservation of beauty and youthful skin.

This is especially important for thin, sensitive, reactive skin, for age, and for all practicing retinoids care.

In creating tools with filtrates and bacterial lysates Koreans and Asians in General ahead of the rest. They often used technology fermentation extracts and oil extracts that makes the extract order accessible for skin and more effective and saturates the final product filtrates of bacteria that contribute to the restoration of microflora of the skin and the support of local immunity.

Essence from a Korean brand 1004 Laboratory a sample of this product.

In addition to the direct lysate of bifidobacteria, it is literally stuffed with fermented extracts.

The basis of the Lotus orehonosny. It’s rare in cosmetics, soothes and strengthens the skin, improves blood circulation, tones, has anti-inflammatory, whitening, anti-aging effect.

In the second place, composed of 30% concentrate of the lysate of bifidobacteria, is responsible for regenerating and rejuvenating effect and inhibits inflammatory processes in the skin.

And here they are all Hexa Fermentation Layer, rendered in a separate list. 9 pieces.

Here the fermented extracts.

In the composition of Niacinamide and adenosine, which is so loved by the Asians and we followed them.

In the composition of the humectants (glycerin, hyaluronic acid), different oils, squalane, glycerides.

Various extracts and herbs, and colors, and fruits, and even salmon caviar. I did not even bother to delve into such a long list, default to accept that everything here is benefit 🙂 the Main thing is the first five positions, and they are about the support of sensitive skin (if you generalize), just what I need.

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Packing glass bottle 50ml with pump. Comfortable.

The texture is very liquid lotion with the intoxicating scent of lemon balm.

The pump delivers the milk in small doses, it helps to regulate the flow.

In the photo one dose.

Stretched very well, one drop is enough for entire face. But you can, of course, and two to put, all will be absorbed in the end.

The essence should be applied after toner or skin and Pat drive until it is absorbed.

Essence is very light and delicate, absorbs bistro, but not instantly, it is possible to put the entire dose on the face (I have a capture area around the eyes, on the neck add).

Slightly softens and moisturizes the skin (still oil in it). Perhaps for oily skin in hot weather it will be enough under liquid Foundation.

I don’t expect the essence of basic care, cover it with cream.

I’m waiting for calming the skin, contain reactive reactions, inflammation, etc.

Amid tretinoin’t have that enough. And despite the large number of sedatives in nursing, the essence is not exactly unnecessary, she’s the only one I have with the probiotics.

What can I say, long ago I use it in different ways. In pure form, mixed with other concentrates or serums (drop by drop) twice a day or once. It is for any method is suitable.

It helps to calm irritated skin immediately relieves tension and itchiness, and very quickly the skin becomes pink calm, less reactive to irritants.

Essence helps to maintain the uniform color of the skin without red spots (owners of reactive skin you’ll get).

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Sensations from the skin change, it feel more alive, soft and velvety, fresh, and moisturized.

It’s not about instant effect (although it is), but about a prolonged effect.

In General, the accumulated sensations of skin resistance to negative fatora, the usual stimuli it is not as rapidly responsive and faster recovering after the reaction, if it occurred. Essence removes any vague discomfort from the skin.

The manufacturer positions essence as lightening and wrinkles, but in the ingredients it is for comprehensive support of the skin. And at the age of 30 just go, it’s not the most intensive anti-aging.

In General, a great thing, constantly I used, a hand to her stretches.

A large volume, economical consumption, the price is adequate.

All tretinoin’ll recommend. And all with reactive sensitive skin and oily prone to inflammation.

A very good tool for overall skin health.

Price 1590 per 50 ml.

The testing period is 5 weeks

Otsenka 5! (or 10 of 10) 🙂

Girls like otnositelno the probiotics in cosmetics? Use?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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