2хнедельный experiment to improve the condition of skin with vitamin A. C and Clinique fresh pressed daily clinical booster with pure vitamin c 10% night booster with pure vitamin A (retinol)

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Good day!

First of all, I want to congratulate all with past holidays and wish you all the best in the new swingado ???? ❤ the Most bright and positive emotions and experiences, success stories and inspiration to all events were joyful, and all unnecessary elements have ceased to spoil your life.

New year’s eve I started to test here is an unusual for me product — emulsion-activators Clinique fresh pressed daily clinical booster with pure vitamin c 10% night booster with pure vitamin A (retinol).

First, I have never used this form of issue. What is its peculiarity? At first glance I had the clear Association with Timeritem. The owners of oily skin are probably familiar with this tool and know that it consists of 2 parts, has a short term use and is activated immediately before the beginning of the course. Here all the same. In the bottle vitamin C (and A) is stored until use isolated from the activator. Immediately before the first use, you mix them together and from that moment begins the countdown, you have to use during these days without a pause. You should pay attention to it and start to use it if you plan to stop. According to the instructions before the first use, you press the bottom of the bottle 2-3 times and carefully shake it to mix the contents. Be careful, it can the first time to actively go through the spout of the bottle, if you open it immediately:

In the future, this same button is the dispenser. The spout is wide and comfortable.

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Device bottles identical. It differs only in the volume. In an orange bottle of vitamin C with 8.5 ml, in purple with retinol 6 ml.

The system is designed for a week. Want to use in the morning vitamin C, overnight vitamin A. I had her for 2 weeks. Why? I have no idea. I used them strictly according to instructions.

The second feature of this form of issue is that the emulsion is not used in isolation. As stated in the instructions, we add a few drops to your daily moisturizing cleanser and apply it on the face. Easier said than done)) I do Not know if I was right in my decision, but I was kneading the composition directly on the face, because to dissolve separately the half gram in any capacity, is considered inappropriate, you will receive overruns. But this, of course, purely my decision.

So, 10% of vitamin C. 8.5 ml, light texture, translucent white with a strong smell of orange. Spreads easily over the face with the cream, quickly absorbed, leaves no trace or smell. Use in the morning with day cream. Makeup goes on after it normally.

Awakens the skin, fills it with radiance and smoothes the skin with continued use

Pure vitamin a (retinol). Volume of 6 ml. Light texture, no smell. A little bit worse than distributed over the face. Use ONLY in the EVENING! Why? Because retinol does not like sunlight. UV rays destroy vitamin a, so use these creams during the period of solar activity is only appropriate in tandem with sunscreen.

Penetrates deep into the skin. Renews and restores, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and returns the youthful glow.

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Do not forget also about the possible side effects of retinol. Molecules of retinoic acid are so small that they penetrate through all layers of the skin, accelerating cell renewal and exfoliation. Because of this, the first results look maleinate: first the skin becomes red, itchy and scaly, then becomes thin, stretched and shiny, like plastic. Not necessarily, but as an option perhaps. (And, of course, I decided to try before the holidays ???? Why not)


What we promise?

So, what I got as a result? First, as I said, I used system not 1 week, but two. Just because I have enough for 2 weeks. All clear, how to instructions, morning and evening. About side effects. I have almost was not. Do not know good or bad. The skin is not red, not scaly, not sprinkled on me. But! In the first 2 days I have popped a few big painful red pimples under hair on the edge of growth. Why do I think that it is connected? Because I was not like this and I hope not. Disappeared spontaneously within 3-4 days. No more negative things I noticed.

As for positive effect, then track it in my case is quite difficult. It’s more a subjective perception. Deep wrinkles I don’t have. Age is the most problematic area is under my eyes, but to apply the emulsion impossible. Therefore, wrinkles can’t say. Strong pigmentation I now have TTT either. But the overall complexion has been evened out. Generally the skin looks good. She became more dense and elastic, completely CEASED to DRY (it right very noticeable. I was this time in St. Petersburg and with the current weather and your face will fall off. So my skin is not dry at all! No flakes, no red. Prior to that, she was doing all this and not a minus, but in the plus weather)

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Of course, I will put my makeup on cheek for purity of experiment. But you have to understand that those things of which I speak, seen more in life. On the pores, this system is not affected, especially on the blood vessels on the nose. On the wings is no redness and no peeling is a delicate vascular net. But the skin clean and even after mayonnaise libations and unrestrained olivesnew fun.

Not found sorry, the instructions how long can I use the system or how often to repeat. Everywhere talking about long-term use, but what is prolonged use????

Rating: 5

Period of use: 2 weeks

Price: 2900 RUB

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