2020 could be the year of face fitness


Fitness has always been a major topic of discussion, especially in January, when we plan for next year with the goal of positive change. However, beauty analysts say that the year 2020 will be dedicated to the beauty industry only to the person, not the body.

According to online platform Beautypress, face fitness (“Face fitness”) will be one of the biggest trends in skin care for 2020, as brands produce numerous new tools and applications for tightening, brightening and firming the skin. Face fitness modern method is effective facelift that does not require surgical and medical procedures, and the effect is achieved through the implementation of special complex of exercises of a different plan.

In the forefront of this trend are personal videos that will be updated by 2020. According to experts Beautypress, in addition to already popular models, made of rose quartz or jade, the new year will be a demand for rollers with metal ends designed not to roll, and massaging movements on the skin of the forehead, T-zone and eye area. The purpose of these health treatments is to reduce swelling and keep the skin in good shape.

Becoming popular procedure called cupping – a popular form of body care, favorite celebrities, which is also suitable for the care of skin, thanks to the invention of small cups, specifically designed for reducing wrinkles and puffiness. After this procedure the complexion becomes more healthy and vibrant.

As with all varieties of traditional fitness, the rest periods are just necessary. In Beautypress predict that sleeping masks for eyelid – especially a self-activated by touch of the skin will become a popular way of relaxation of a person this year after all the tightening and toning procedures.

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If the treatments mentioned above require effort and time, the special tape for the face became a real life hack in terms of an instant facelift, which requires surgery. This special tape is a thin headband, the ends of which stick to the temples, in the process, which promises to immediately give the eyes a special form.

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