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I wish everyone a good day and a glowing skin!

In February of this year brand Clarins has released an updated makeup base. The new line includes 6 shades. I invite You today to enjoy the beauty of the 4 shades from this series.

Base makeup line from SOS Primer provide the necessary color correction of the face, depending on the needs of the skin, visually aligning the tone, giving it a natural glow and healthy freshness.
Lightweight, instantly absorbed texture prepares the skin for makeup application, while allowing it to breathe and provide long-lasting hydration. The makeup looks flawless and stand throughout the day.

So, make yourself comfortable. The post I will try to do visually-significant with lows of letters.

A few words about the packaging. It is absolutely no different from the previous version: the same tube with a pump, the same metal cap, the same dispenser with the same mechanism inside.

For those who are not familiar with this base I want to emphasize the convenience of the dispenser. The push mechanism is soft and quite stiff. That is, You will easily be able to squeeze as big a drop and tiny.

Lavender 05. The light of day. Drop to the right is the result of a complete pump sprays.

On the reverse side of the tube, you can find all the necessary information, but… In English. During the review of each shade I’m going to address specifically the description and specifications of each, now we’ll talk about General things.

Looking ahead to say that databases differ not only in color. There are also differences in consistency — one base is very light, the other heavy; in the presence of shimmer — one just right to use as a highlighter in the other in the afternoon with fire not to find at least one spangle. Each base has its own individual purpose is one aimed at hiding the redness, and the other is great for Shine, and the third refreshes the complexion….


The light of day. In the rays of the sun.

The aroma at the base is exactly the same as in the previous version — easy, it seems like a mixture of something of beauty and floral. When applied there is a fairly bright. Half an hour later leaves no hint.

The light of day. The glare of the sun fall on the 2 shades on the right.

Shades 00 and 01 contain about the same amount of noticeable shimmer. When overlaying they may be used as the shimmers / highlighters. The glow will be comparable with the high beams. Will show below.

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While the shimmer in 04 and 05 only noticeable at a certain angle and only in the sunlight or flash.

In the rays of the setting sun. The light of day. In the depths of the room.

Tried to make as many photos in different lighting to show the versatility of the same shade of Lavender 05 — cold, rolling from the seemingly beige to dark purple.

Evening light.

The next series swatches was taken on the IPhone camera.

The light of day. In the rays of the setting sun. Evening light.

Already got your eye on something? Let’s look at all the shades of deysvtie separately.

Universal Light 00. Makeup base that gives skin radiance.

SOS universal base Primer white, which is a combination of all other colors, visually evens skin tone and gives it a natural healthy glow.

A brief compilation of opinions on the basis of:

  • Out of all the diversity she is the lightest. Translucent.
  • Consistency is also the easiest. Perfectly suited to owners of dry and normal skin. There is a clear moisturizing effect. Dryness and peeling is not stressed.
  • The amount of shimmer is off the charts. It is possible to layer to use on top of Foundation as a highlighter.
  • Skin hides almost. Slightly eliminates black spots and pores due to the glow, no more. The relief is not smooths.
  • Before ( on the skin only moisturizer ) and… After. Base applied in 1 layer. Natural lighting. Evening.

    As seen in the photo, even light acne marks base to hide can not. It is intended only to give a Shine. Also it is perfect for mixing with powder will add shimmer to it and just lighten the tone.

    View more?

    Slightly tilted his head and the skin-jewel in all its glory! Glow I would say is akin to “fat pancake” on the skin… I Solo base in this shade never wear, and is unlikely to buy a full-sized version. Most often use as a highlighter on the cheekbones area, she more or less dry.

    All 4 shades this particular base seemed to be the most moisturizing. Even after half an hour on the skin there is a slight stickiness…

    In the evening sun.

    In the sun due to the light reflection on the skin ( spots, redness, pores, relief, black dots ) slightly smoothed out… But to touch stickiness. The view is rather “fat”.

    Rating: 3.

    Rose 01. Make-up base, eliminating signs of fatigue.

    The base pink color is a real energy cocktail for tired and dull skin. It instantly refreshes the complexion by helping the skin to look rested, radiant, full of vitality.

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    Base makeup in that shade does not differ from the base in the previous version. A number of shade, the shade, texture, amount of shimmer, the behavior of the skin — all what was, such and remained.

    Database I apply with fingers. Long noticed the peculiarity of it. Only after it remains on the fingers neon pink glow from the shimmer ????

    Even after the shade 00 is on my hands, that light remains… what on the skin?

    Natural lighting. Evening light.

    Unlike the previous shade, base 01 leaves no sticky, moderately moisturizing. Also not stressed and does not create peeling., gives a noticeable glow, just evens out and refreshes tone and smooths imperfections. Does not emphasize unevenness of the terrain. It is also not so conspicuous. All delicately. As it is necessary. All the same, though small, but the presence of pink pigment does the job.

    Obladatelnica skin close to perfect, this database may replace the CC cream or any other light cream.

    In General, shade 01 is different from 00, only the presence of a light pigment, able slightly to smooth out the tone. Again, basically, all the imperfections are hidden due to the reflective particles.

    Will be ideal for those with normal to dry and combination skin types.

    Rating: 4.

    Lavender 05. Make-up base, corrective yellowish skin tone.

    Dark purple. Tint, which at first did not know what to expect. Never thought that he of all will be the same that I will buy again.

    Lavender base color will neutralize the yellowish tone of the skin giving it a healthy fresh and gentle glow.

    Natural lighting. Evening light.

    Declare that this hue is one of the best of the entire line. ????

    The amount of shimmer is minimal. Opacity is excellent. Look smooth and fresh. Database it is possible to wear solo, it will replace a lightweight concealer. Moisturizes and absolutely does not leave a sticky, oily vulgar Shine. Not flowing.

    It is the most dense in consistency due to the presence of the pigment, and thus weightless, does not feel the mask on her face. Perfectly hides dark spots, pores. Falls. Perfect in every way.

    I, the owner of combination skin, went perfectly. Of course, no matting napkins during the day I will not do, but this is minor compared to the tack, which leaves a tint 00.

    In the evening sun. In the evening sun.

    Rating: 5+++.

    Green 04. Make-up base, corrective redness.

    Oddly enough, makeup base in shade 04 ustaet density of shade 05. It is more watery compared to all the bases ( I think You noticed on Swatch ).

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    Base green color effectively hides redness, instantly smoothing the complexion and giving skin a healthy glow.

    Natural lighting. Evening light.

    From all shades of the base 04 has the greater ability to lighten the skin tone and hide redness. Spots acne also copes very well. Moisturizes and hides peeling and dryness. Pores and blackheads erases like the eraser. Shimmer is almost not present. Gives the skin a light, delicate Shine. Without stickiness.

    Its behavior on the skin is very similar to the previous shade. The only difference is in the explicit wybielanie tone. Perfect “snow white”.

    Daytime natural light. Daytime natural light.


    1+1. 05 Lavender + Green 04.

    Yes, Yes, Yes, now zamechaem ???? After all, the ability to “kneading” and various combinations of colors to get the desired shade — is the main “chip” of the new line.

    I propose to consider only 1 option of mixing colors. I do not see much sense to dilute the shades 01, 04, and 05 shade 00 — We will see only a clarification thereof and diablerie shimmer.

    But the mixing of opposites — it is interesting. Look?

    Natural lighting.

    Droplets tried to take in equal proportions. Be patient, we’re near the end of the post ????

    Here’s what happened when mixing.

    Natural lighting.

    Interesting shade, isn’t it? Cold. Grayish-beige. Very reminiscent of a light concealer, but not a mixture of two ottenkov base for makeup.

    In the evening sun.

    Let’s evaluate the effect on the skin.

    Is the game worth the candle?

    Due to the mix of shades, I got the tone perfect to the representatives of the “whites.” Delicate dewy glow, smoothed redness, spots. The lack of stickiness with good hydration. Skin looks fresher, more beautiful. There is no such explicit clarification that gives shade 04 solo.

    Puuuuh… Tuckered Out ???? Summarize.

    Clarins SOS Primer — this is the case when depending on the color change of the technical characteristics of the tool. The best part for me was the shades 04 and 05. Periodically I mix them to neutralize the properties of the shade 04 to whiten the skin. What else?

    00 liquid highlighter in the flesh.

    01 — universal soldier for all skin types to give skin’s radiance. No more.

    04 — essential brightening other’s skin.

    05 — will fit almost any style and colour — from “light skinned” to “tanned”, for both dry and oily skin.

    Thank you for reading to the end.

    From now on I promise to be brief.

    PS have You tried the updated base under makeup from Clarins?

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