5 trends in cosmetic dermatology IMCAS from 2020


At the conference of the IMCAS World Congress 2020, which is the world’s leading event in the field of cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery, was presented the new concepts and discoveries in this field, along with the latest advances in medical and aesthetic dermatology. In addition, we found five trends that determine the development of this branch of beauty industry in the near future.

1. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and aesthetics

In the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, more and more strengthens its position robotics and artificial intelligence technology (AI). So, the main event IMCAS 2020 was the world premiere of NextMotion – the world’s first robot for injection, controlled AI. The robotic arm equipped with a camera system and artificial intelligence that allows it to independently carry out treatment plans, certain doctors. In combination with an electronic syringe NextMotion can consistently deliver precise doses with very high accuracy in respect of location of points for injection and the volume of administered drug.

Virtual reality also belongs among sought-after technology. In particular, the days of direct patient care clinical conditions are suitable. Increasingly, consultations will be held in the virtual world with a new type of physicians-“of virtualists” through web portals. It has already been implemented on the website skincheckonline.com – patients can upload their own selfies, and the doctor uses artificial intelligence to analyse the thus obtained data.

Artificial intelligence has also been found useful in the field of cosmeceuticals. For example, the company Universkin offers on skin care, designed by doctors with artificial intelligence Using digital assistant AI and very detailed dermatological questionnaire, which is verified by the image analysis, the specialists Universkin able to develop an individual treatment plan of the client.

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2. Cosmetic dermatology goes from the concept of gender

In plastic surgery it disappears the notion of male or female procedures, because both genders have become interested in all kinds of services, which led to dermatology trends neutral gender. For example, men have more interested in procedures that were previously considered “female”: chin augmentation and reshaping of the jaw, high cheekbones, smooth skin, thin and straight nose and plump lips. However, women also have to resort to surgical straightening of the nose and change the jaw line for a more masculine type.

3. Changes in legislation

The recent revision of regulations in Europe has led to greater scrutiny on the part of manufacturers of medical equipment and increased attention to patient safety. In particular, the new regulations will require producers of medical devices intended for sale within the EU, adhered to strict rules to ensure that their products are safe to use and ensure patient safety.

4. Rejuvenate and change

The increasing number of procedures aimed at overcoming the typical standards of beauty, was another hot topic IMCAS. The peculiarity of this trend is that cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons should not just offer anti-aging treatments, and to provide customers with the opportunity to be transformed by changing its appearance.

5. Aesthetic treatments for all

The modern industry of aesthetic medicine dermatology began with a new challenge – the availability and acceptability of cosmetic procedures for people of all ages and genders. Thus, companies operating in this field should consider these factors in the future of their activities.

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